Liberty Wireless Complaint - Decption and Fraud--Standard Practice

Review by Oldgringo on 2005-07-11
I was indcued to subscribe to the thrid party provider of Sprint services via Lowermybills.com offer that stated:

1) Free phone
2) A free DVD player
3) Pay as you go; menaing youn could opt not to activate continuosly. Insated , subscriber was to purchase service for the next month in advance. No action on the subscriber's part, no service.

I purchased the phone at $105 via credit card; I was rejected for the refund of the phone on the basis that I could not supply a paid receipt. Liberty does not provide paid recepits.
The DVD was not sent as I was advised by the award company after I submitted the "free" cou[pon that I ahd to pay for the DVD or no ship. The there is the most fradualent practice of automatically billing against the credit card ininitailly used to strat the service, obviating the stated service of only paying for the next 30 days when wanted to do so. They summarily bill without subscriber's consent to do so.

So this experince has cost me at least $170 (phone plus 2 months of unauthorized service billed by crfedit card compnay) and Liberty denies any of this... they knowingly are operating with fradualent practices.
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Posted by madatliberty! on 2007-11-14:
Liberty Wireless is a HORRIBLE service! I've lost time, money and family members because of their inability to service their customers. The phone is used for emergencies only and while caring for 2 dying family members, service was cut off, preventing me from helping people I love who were in need. I have never missed a payment and have been very patient. After 2 years of trying to get the $100 rebate and 7 months of having them suddently stop phone service (paid automatically every month), credit cards put on hold, I am done trying to reason with them.

Have spent over 400 hours of my time in the past 7 months trying to get service restored after they began their 'system upgrade'. Any company with over 7 months of a 'system upgrade' which results in terrible service should consider finding someone else to handle the upgrade. As of November 7, 2007, they still can't communicate with their customers and are inconviencing customers, costing them far more than time, money and aggravation.

When you call Customer Service, the first message is 'where customer's come first'. The longest you can be on the telephone with them is 1 hour and then you're disconnected to prevent 'fraudulent calls'. They make you call back over and over again - they think you'll give up. They use their customer service team to prevent against customers talking to a supervisor - who won't do anything for you in the end. They will tell you that a supervisor isn't available - that isn't true. Be persistent and you'll eventually reach someone. They spend their time with fake apologies but don't care. They may let you hold for 2-3 minutes to hold for a supervisor (if you're persistent) until the hour is up and you're disconnected. Keep calling back or have mass number of people call at once until you get a supervisor.

Johnathan Ferguson is the supervisor. Mr. Robert Goodman is the Vice President of Customer Service. Check the Better Business Bureau reports for the many complaints already filed. Inphonics was associated with them at one time, and although they share the same space and resources, claim that they are not in association. Call any of these numbers - they'll tell you that they aren't associated - which means they don't care how they are affecting their customers. They are associated and are doing shady business.

(800) 444-9543
(800) 474-9745
(800) 973-0691
(866) 274-8573
(866) 607-9877
(866) 615-0682
(866) 635-7400
(866) 755-4237
(866) 816-5873
(866) 841-9124
(866) 841-9125
(877) 277-9233
(888) 378-6509
(888) 378-6567
(888) 466-5651
(888) 919-7692
(888) 947-3359
(202) 333-0001
(301) 361-1011
(703) 636-4600

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