Klein Kitchen and Bath aka Upper East Side Kitchen and Bath Complaint - Klein Negligence and Substandard Work

Review by Anonymous on 2011-08-20
NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- I have never written or posted reviews but feel compelled to warn everyone about this "design and home improvement contracting" business, also known as Klein Kitchen and Bath.

My two word description of the work done by Klein/Upper East Side K&B is "negligence" and "substandard."

Their only project manager is abusive and incompetent. He was rarely at the job site and never did what he promised. I had to call the cops to get him to leave my apartment after he repeatedly insulted us and refused to leave after I repeatedly told him to.

Klein Kitchen and Bath / Upper East Side Kitchen and Bath ruined our new kitchen cabinets by using the wrong tools so there are rough edges, exposed nails, and bad cuts throughout, not measuring correctly and leaving holes throughout, they could not figure out how to make anything flush, they put cheap valves in for the new sink plumbing that resulted in water damage to the cabinets, they did not protect the job site so that our new floor tiles and new counter top are scratched, and they abandoned the job when we repeatedly called their attention to all the examples of their negligence and substandard work.
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Posted by T on 2011-08-20:
This sounds like a nightmare. Was this company recommended to you?
Posted by SB on 2011-08-21:
I agree. Nightmare! Take pictures. Demand restitution via signature required certified mail.If ignored, give a date by which if things are not settled, you will take them to small claims court. Follow through. Good luck!
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-08-21:
I’m the owner of Klein Kitchen & Bath and I feel compelled to respond to this because it is a deceiving review. I have had my team working consistently on this kitchen and has completed 99% of the work. My team had approximately one more day of work to address the finishing details on the punch list. Punch list items occur on any job and with any construction team and are a normal part of the renovation process. For some unknown reason, this client asked us to leave on the final day of work. We arrived with the full intention of finishing everything and had our team with us to do so. I didn’t abandon the job. I never told the client that the job was complete. I have reached out to this client long before these complaints posted, asking when we could return to complete the job. We worked approximately 19 days on this job which brought us to 99% complete. This client has a lot of pictures of how the space looked during the process, but not what the kitchen looks like as a whole, now. This client also has pictures of water damage that occurred due to a faulty valve installed on a Friday, the client was gone all weekend, and the valve began a slow leak. When the client arrived home on Sunday night, they called me around 9pm and I immediately went to their home to attend to the situation. While unfortunate, there was no way to foresee that a seemingly normal valve would begin to leak hours after installation. In construction, sometimes incidents occur that we have no control over; the important thing is that we attended to the issue promptly and had/have every intention of completing this job and every job to the 100% satisfaction of the client.


Eric Klein
Posted by T on 2011-08-21:
It is nice of you to give your side of the story, but it sounds like the reason they didn't call you back in the end is that they got tired of the punch list and the many issues they were facing.
Posted by fair warning on 2011-08-28:
Responding to the owner's inaccurate response, the pictures I have are all of current problems and I continue to find more...just yesterday I discovered that 2 of the pull out drawers were installed without latching mechanisms. Negligent and hazardous. There was no "team" that came to "finish" the work, there was 1 guy and the abusive project manager, and this was after the job site had been abandoned since mid-July and we received numerous promises that the work would be completed (the original project completion date was 7/12).

I have given the owner numerous opportunities to settle this amicably by refunding our money for the negligence and substandard work. He continues to make excuses, which is what he and his "team" have done since the beginning.

Do not believe anything anyone from Klein Kitchen and Bath says or promises. They will ruin your job and blame you for being too demanding.
Posted by At Your Service on 2011-08-28:
It's good to have both sides of the story here. This sounds much more like a he said/he said complaint.

I would think the best solution, at this point, is to itemize the list of unfinished issues that still exist. Contractually agree that the issues will be fixed and taken care of by a given date.
Posted by dissatisfied on 2012-07-14:
worst job ever -- avoid Klein K and B -- they are amateurs.
Posted by Lital on 2012-12-16:
Well I disagree I had an Amazing Experience!!!

“When I signed the lease for my new business I knew right away I would hire NYKB to assist me with the remodeling of the space. It was my first remodeling project and Perry Hiiman, the president of NYKB, was my mentor through the whole process. I met with Steve Babus their project manager and Mia Navon a design assistant for the overall project. Steve and Mia where very proficient and knew exactly what I wanted. They were VERY patient when it came to my specific needs. I had the best team to help me through each step. The place now looks amazing, even the management of the building didn’t recognize the space!!! NYKB is definitely by far the best place to go if you thinking to remodel!

Lital, Light touch laser

Posted by Susan on 2012-12-31:
The renovation services provided by Klein Kitchen and Bath far outweighed my expectations, and the final product has left me extremely satisfied. Due to the renovations that were done, being at home is a pleasurable experience. Adam and the team at Klein Kitchen and Bath paid attention to my vision from the beginning of the process all the way to the end. They encouraged me to take time to make decisions I felt good about, and they were available to support me throughout the process as I explored different possibilities along the way. Any concerns I had during the renovations were addressed immediately, and the design team and project manager went above and beyond to make sure I was pleased with the work being done. When I purchased my apartment, I knew it needed to be renovated, but had many trepidations about the process and about the results. Fortunately, working with Klein Kitchen and Bath made the whole process worthwhile, as they are committed to high quality work, attention to detail, responsive support, and expert guidance. Choosing to work with Klein Kitchen and Bath ensures that you will be in good hands from the start of your renovation project, to the very end, when you let them know that you are completely satisfied with the final product. Susan
Posted by puzzled on 2013-08-06:
I notice a 'comment' praising another renovation company. Does that mean the two renovation companies are one and the same or are sister companies? Please elaborate.

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