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Review by prince_noir on 2005-07-16
To whom it may concern.
On the 7th of May I was flying from Tel-Aviv to Taipei. The flight tickets were issued in a traveling agency in Israel.
This flight evolved a stop in Hon-Kong and a connecting flight from Hon-Kong to Taipei. At first from Tel-Aviv to Hon-Kong I flew with El-Al Air lines and from Hon-Kong to Taipei I flew with EVA Air. The flight from Tel-Aviv to Hon-Kong was very pleasant thought it took about 10 hours, I have handled my bag prior to the flight to EL-AL ground attendants and I didn’t suppose to claim it till Taipei. The EL-AL's flight number was Y0075, Class: Y and as I already mentioned I started my flight on the 7th of May.
I reached Hon-Kong a proximally at 15:00, and my flight from Hon-Kong to Taipei supposed to flew at 15:30.
I finished all my passport control checks etc… at 15:15, and exactly at this time I was near EVA Air counter.
Unfortunately from unknown reason I wasn't allowed to board to my original flight number: BR0870 B that flew from Hon-Kong to Taipei at 15:30 that supposed to land already in Taipei by 17:10, and what is worsen then that, is that on the next flight that was at 16:30 I wasn't allowed to board also. All this happened due to lack of professionalism from the EVA Air land stewards and other crew members, because of some stupid unnecessary and bureaucratic process my original flight was delayed from 15:30 till 17:45, no because the flight was late but because I wasn't allowed to board on it and not the next flight. At last EVA Air land crew had issued to me new passenger ticket and I was allowed to board on flight BR0856 at 17:45 from Hon-Kong to Taipei by EVA Air. I had asked for several times couple of members from EVA Air land crew, if my luggage is already in Taipei and it flew there by my original flight BR0870 at 15:30, or is it still in Hon-Kong and it will be flown with me on flight BR0856 at 17:45?
One of the members of land crew replied that my luggage is still here in Hon-Kong and will be sent together with me on my new flight BR0856, in order to be sure I have forwarded the same question over and over again to several members of the ground crew, due to the fact that I had very important business meeting exactly on the next day after my arrival.
Finally I had arrived to Taipei approximally at 20:30 instead of 17:10 like I supposed to by my original flight. I had tried to find my bags but unfortunately they didn't arrived with me, and they were totally lost!!!!
This is totally inappropriate, first of all this kind of service by EVA Air is not a service but a disgrace, and second of all EVA Air land crew intentionally lied to me in Hon-Kong when they told me that my bags will be flown with me on flight BR0856.
I have opened a case in EVA Air lost and found in Taipei, File reference TPEBR63187. They have provided to me small number of necessary things like : tooth paste, shampoo, shower soap, comb etc…
In the Taipei Air-port people from my company had supposed to meet me in order to provide me transportation to the hotel. Unfortunately due to the fact that I was late for about 4-5 hours with my arrival, because I wasn't allowed to board on my original flight and not to the next one also. No one had met me in the Air-port due to the fact that I didn't came with my original flight and I had to take taxi by myself in order to reach my hotel.
On The next day my bags still weren't found, and I had to buy new clothes in order to attend business meetings and such.
All this nuisance and lies where brought to me by EVA AIR, in order to assure you that their service is among the worse in world between air lines, I'm not the only one who suffered from bag loss and huge delay in flight arrival.
During the time that I spent in Hon-Kong I had met Mr. Ben Segal who traveled for business purposes from Tel-Aviv to Taipei together with me on El-Al flight Y0075. He had suffered the same problem while he arrived to Hon-Kong. Eva Air ground crew didn’t allowed him to board on flight BR0870 and he was delayed till 17:45 and went on board flight BR0856. When he arrived to Taipei his bags where also lost, so its not a coincidence but a fact that Eva Air service is a disaster.
I had flew during my life with many air lines such as: El-AL, Arkia Air Lines, Airoflot Air lines, Iberia Air lines, Turkish Air lines, Malev Air lines, Czech Air lines, KLM air lines, etc… With all those air lines I had never experienced such problems and nuisance.
I will do all I can in order to pass this complaint to as many internet and media resources as possible. Due to the fact that I think any one who consider to fly with Eva Air while performing market survey should know what possible might happen to his luggage and what unnecessary delays await him.
More over if I won't receive an apology and Compensation from Eva Air. I myself together with Mr. Ben Segal with sue EVA Air for caused inconvenience and expenses caused due to EVA AIR negligence.
My Personal details:
Yevgeni Vainshtein
Cellular: +972-544481234
Tel: +972-88654981
Address: 8/25 Sivan St, Ashdod 77000 Israel
Ben Segal Personal details:
Cellular: +972-50-7845518
Office Address: 3 Hametsuda St, AZUR 58001, Israel
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Posted by bill on 2005-07-16:
You shouldn't display your telephone number and address on the web for everyone to see. I doubt Mr. Segal wants you giving out his personal information as well.

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