FtiComputer.com Complaint - Don't Buy From FtiComputer.com

Review by ET5353 on 2011-09-07
I searched Google for companies who sell a particular headband earphone and up came several places. I clicked on Fticomputer.com and checked to see if the item I wanted was in stock and their site said YES so I placed my order. I received an email saying my item would be delivered within 3-5 days. About 3 days later I received an email saying their manufacturer told them the product was backordered and if I wanted it, they could deliver it by 9/6 and I should click on the link they provided (or copy and paste to my browser)to let them know the delayed ETA was acceptable. I followed their instructions, accepted the later date, told everyone I know the item I ordered from FtiComputer would not be here on the date originally promised but it would arrive on 9/6. On 9/6 I received an email saying they're sorry for the inconvenience but the item was not in stock yet and if I still wanted it I should click on their link to let them know. Instead of clicking I responded to the email and asked them to tell me WHEN they expected to have the item in stock and exactly what shipping method they would be using because I don't want any problems with non-delivery. I received a reply a day later saying the item was finally in stock but they wanted my PayPal information or my credit card information again and to click on the link in their email to provide it. I decided that wasn't going to work so this morning I called them because I wanted to speak with a LIVE person. Their computer voice said to press 1 for this and 2 for that and 3 for a live person so I pressed 3. A recording came on saying nobody was at that mailbox and to press 1 for this or 2 for that or 3 for a live person so I pressed 3 again. After a few minutes a lady answered and I told her I was calling because I was not happy with the fact they promised me a delivery date for my item ordered last week and .... she interrupted me and asked for the order number. I gave it to her and went on to explain my dismay at being told one date when I placed the order and then another... and she interrupted me again and started saying something and I stopped her and said Ma'am, please let me finish my complaint. She said YOU LET ME FINISH WHAT I'M SAYING and THEN YOU CAN TALK and I told her that was NOT how it was going to go. I told her they are the company and I am the consumer and they are in business (and she has a job) because of people like ME and she went on to scream and yell at me like I've never heard before from a business in all the years I have been doing business online and offline(and that's a lot of years). I tried to stop her again so she could hear my complaint but she continued to scream into the phone so loud her voice could be heard across the room. I told her if she didn't stop screaming at me and let me finish I would hang up and she went on and on and on so I hung up. I went back to the email they sent asking for my PayPal or credit card info and replied saying I would never order from FtiComputer.com ever again, their employees are RUDE and inconsiderate and came here to spread the word.

I decided to go back to Google to look for a different company and located one who not only had the item in stock and could ship it within 3-5 days but the price was lower and the young lady with whom I placed my order was ver nice and sweet.

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