Al Seirra South Of Colorado Springs Co Complaint - Car Hell

Review by thisguyizwhack616 on 2011-09-09
Heres the story, the vehicle I've been making payments on seemed like a good car at first, I drive it around and it seems alright, well after a couple days of having it, I notice there is a black piece of electrical tape over the check engine light. so I remove it to find my first surprise being that, so I figure it could have been the last user(highly unlikly because car dealers are sneaky) , so after a month or less of having it it starts to cutt off on me after driving anything over 35 MPH and being in the Colorado area, with all the snowed roads, that wasn't to safe, so when I told them, they said "ya bring it on up we will fix it and put you in a rental" this being a 80 mile drive total(there and back)with speed limits in the 70's just to get there, they were aware but didn't care, so I called in work and drove this vehicle and barely made it(died several times)to the shop, they then told me after I waited 6 hours, we can't fix the problem if you don't bring it in with the problem, they test drove it and supposivly it didn't act up, so told me just to come back whenever it occurs, so I'm pissed of course, I drive all the way back home, then it acts up, so I sputter all the way back and it dies on me there, so they take an additional 5 hours before telling me I can get a rental on their budget, when I get to dealership across street they try to swindle me out of 250 dollars for a security deposit that al sierra wasn't going to pay for.... I had it I stood up and said "look, I'm not paying anthing, give me a vehicle and charge it to them, after I got my point out, he then said" well if you give us a 3 contacts, you don't need to pay the 250" I said" you were needing that info irregardless" WTF!! so I then get a vehicle and I'm in it 2 weeks (when it would only take a week to fix) I kept calling and they said your part looks like it will be here tommorrow, alright it will defintaly be here the next day, and so on and so forth, and a day before I deploy to Afghanistan(where I'm at right now, about to go on R&R) they told me, "your car is good to go". NOW I'm about to go home for this R&R and we had our car looked and and I've got a total of 864 dollars of mainitance or more that has to be done to this piece of crap car. all this said they are supposed to give their car a full tune up and let me know of all problems, I drove that car 2 weeks or less, there is now way I messed all that up in that little time, I'm more than likly going to take legal actions, I need some advice on that, car gurus.
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Posted by At Your Service on 2011-09-09:
Did the vehicle come with any form of warranty?

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