Best Buy Geek Squad Complaint - Computer Repair Rip Off

Review by rogertool2 on 2011-09-14
I brought my laptop in for repair because it was not working properly. I was told within 2 minutes by the agent it was a virus and it would cost $200.00.The way he spoke I considered him a speed talker and Carnival barker which should have been the first tip off because he talked so fast you could barely understand what he was explaing except for the $200.00 As I hesitated he pushed the computer at me and told me to come back when I made up my mind (they were not busy at all). I went back and asked him if I bought a new computer could he transfer all my programs to a new computer and he told me it would still cost me $200.00 because the virus had to be removed first but then assured the computer would be running fine again. When I got the computer back they had removed all programs and brought the computer back to it's factory settings! When I complained, again "Speed Talker" said I didn't by a backup plan so all programs were removed! What was the $200.00 for that I paid we all know it doesn't cost $200.00 to remove a virus and I put my trust in them that "they" knew what they were doing and were going to restore my computer to working condition with all programs intact. No satisfaction was offered as all data was removed.
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Posted by Old Timer on 2011-09-14:
Sounds about right for the Geek Squids. Steal as much money as possible from the Best Buy victims then give them nothing for their money. Pretty sad way to run a business.
Posted by T on 2011-09-14:
It sounds to me like you had a rootkit virus, and the only way to eradicate those is to reinstall the operating system. And it is true that you should remove all viruses before moving software/data to a new drive, or else the virus will go with them.

It should have been made clear to you by the speedtalker this was a possibility. Did you sign anything stating that you may lose your data and/or programs?
Posted by MRM on 2011-09-14:
Restoring your computer to factory settings is the best way to get rid of all the viruses. I do not rely on any anti-virus programs to get rid of viruses as it cannot detect all of them.
Posted by leet60 on 2011-09-14:
My experience with the "geek squad" is that almost any issue you bring to them for a PC/Laptop will initially be diagnosed as a "virus". While I don't have personal knowledge, it is my belief this is likely a high profit diagnosis for them. I avoid them at all costs.

As for your lost programs, some responsibility lies with you if you did not have a backup for your system.
Posted by h on 2011-09-14:
My lappy is my ??? computer with nothing really on it of importance.
One day I deleted Explorer in a attempt to find out what the crap I might have done to it since it was acting weird.
Of course I dont have any other internet browser so I could just download another version..Dumb me did think that I could have just transferred one from my desktop.
Long story short I took it to a puter place where I live. They wiped it all for me and brought it back to its factory settings. total cost $90..
I would do some complaining...
Posted by Kahula35 on 2012-03-04:
The lesson here is that you should never agree to a service you do not fully understand. I have diagnosed viruses on computers in under 2 minutes before simply because I have seen so many of them and when the same one comes in I know it immediately.

Most computer repair places require customers to sign a release form that also acknowledges that data loss is possible or that a system wipe may be needed. Unfortunately there is no recourse there.

As to if the service was needed, well yes and no. Sometimes you can transfer data from an infected drive but it is dangerous. However if you are dealing with just basic stuff like music, docs, and photos then there is less risk unless of course it was one of those files that was responsible for the virus.

In the end what I feel Best Buy should have done is re-billed the service as a system restore as opposed to a virus removal. The system restore generally costs somewhat less than a straight up removal because it's less labor. Sounds like they didn't do that. However if they tried to do the removal first then there may be a labor issue there.

I have never used Geek Squad so I do not know if they contact customers before any action is taken. I know other places, specifically where I worked, we never did anything to a customers computer without speaking with them first and making them aware of the changes we were making in order to avoid situations like this.

As to price, well, virus removals and sys restores range anywhere from 100-200 bucks depending on where you take your machine. That price isn't that out of line especially for a retail service store.

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