Maaco Complaint - Anywhere but Maaco - 2004 Honda

Review by benkelly46 on 2011-09-14
Took my girlfriends Honda accord into macco for a driver door dent repair and paint. Jerry the salesmen(how perfect is that) quoted me for 2700$ for a new driver door skin and paint, a new bumper and paint, and two small dings on the passenger side. Well needless to say I went for it with a promise of 5 days to repair. Day two I get a call saying it will cost me another 750$ for the paint because he found micro cracking all over the car and if I didn't want to pay the extra money he couldn't guarantee the paint would last even a year! Jerry, you looked at this problem before hand and fn told me that there wasn't any micro fracturing, now that my cars pulled apart and sanded jerry suddenly finds it everywhere, but wait it gets better. So now I'm left with basically no options but to pay the extra money bringing the gt to 3400. Car gets painted both dents on the side have big swirl marks of paint and the driver door doesn't work now. Call him up jerry says it was a pre existing problem but they would look at it(the door worked fine up until that point), so then I get a call saying they can fix it but it will cost me another 100 bucks for a part inside the door, at this point I'm ready to go down there and get more than my money's worth but this ain't the good old days.

All done, $3500 later and randomly we have to climb over to the passenger door to get out of the car(they did all their going to do). Jokes on me what a sucker I am
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Posted by GenuineNerd on 2011-09-15:
Were the damages to the vehicle a result of an accident? If so, perhaps her insurance company could have picked up the cost, less her deductible, if your girlfriend had collision coverage. But then again, if insurance were involved, they'd probably say that the cost of repairs would be more than the car is worth, and end up "totaling" the vehicle and cutting her a check for the car's blue book value. Sometimes even minor collisions can cause internal frame damage which would result in a door not closing properly. Perhaps an independent body shop would have been a better choice than Maaco.
Posted by h on 2011-09-15:
I would take him to court, especially if you have enough witnesses to testify that the door worked prior to him...
Get 3 estimates on the door...I have a feeling you just might win..
Document all you can..Look for old pics if you have of car prior.
Was there anyone with you when he was giving you first estimate...use them for witness.

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