Burger King - Troy, Mo Front Street Complaint - Manager - Buy one get one free

Review by clarsen63379 on 2011-09-15
My husband went in to buy one get one free this morning. When he got his sandwich he did not get the second one. He asked (Michelle) the manager where is the free one. She told him he had to ask for it when he ordered. He told her that the sign says buy one get one free it does not say to ask. She got very rude with him and yelled to the cook HE WANTS HIS FREE ONE NOW. When I called her about it she called me honey several times.
I am a grandmother of 7 and (not her honey!) She is very disrespectful. I told her if she treats customers this way then word of mouth will lose more customers. She said they have been having this problem all week. That is no reason to take it out on customers. Sign should say to ask.
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Posted by Venice09 on 2011-09-15:
You shouldn't have to ask, but when I order something that's B1G1F, I usually say I want the B1G1F so and so. That way, there's no confusion. If they were having the same problem all week, then it was obviously their problem and not the customers.

Some people say words like honey and dear without thinking. It's just a habit. Unless the tone indicates otherwise, I don't think it's meant to be insulting.
Posted by Josh on 2011-09-15:
I think you should have to ask for the free one when you order. While it's free, if someone only wants one item, even though the second is free, they shouldn't be forced to take it.

I agree with Vinice regarding the word honey.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-09-15:
A poorly trained manager at a fast food joint....I'm shocked
Posted by Slimjim on 2011-09-15:
Totally disagree on this on Steve, the customer here is 100% right IMO. Putting aside the flippant rudeness and the rest of the backline stuff, that offer should be bagged exactly as the sign says it is. This is playing games with customers to me and I bet it is the brainchild of this (or a )manager specifically at this location to increase profits. I'll bet the ranch BK headquarters would be quite disenchanted with this franchise for being sleazy with the national offer.
Posted by Josh on 2011-09-15:
Slimjim, if someone wanted just one item though, would they not be able to get it? Since its buy one, get one free, it would make sense to order two of those items, with the second one being free.

If someone went there and ordered two of those items, would you expect BK to give them 4 of them (being charged for 2) or 2 of them (being charged for 1)?
Posted by Churro on 2011-09-15:
I think what I would expect is that as soon as I pointed out I wanted my free one that Michelle would get my free one with a smile on her face instead of whining about fast food ordering protocol. Wouldn't hurt to interject the special advertised in the lobby into customer conversation *BEFORE* punching the order complete.
Posted by Anna Molly on 2011-09-15:
Churro, are you sure you've never heard "Oh, one is fine, I don't want the second one, even if it's FREE?"
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-09-15:
When I go shoppig at a retail store, they always tell me at the register 'oh this is buy one get one free'. Or 'this is buy one get one half off.' Why wouldn't they do the same at BK?
Posted by Josh on 2011-09-15:
Shopping at a retail store is different because of the way you purchase items. At a retail store, you physically get the items and bring them to the register. At a fast food restaurant, you are ordering the food and then it is given to you. At a retail store, signs will be at locations throughout the store telling you about a sale. If you had two items (that were buy one get one free) do you think they would assume the 2nd one is the free one or that you are paying for two and were unaware that it's bogo?
Posted by Venice09 on 2011-09-15:
The right thing to do is inform the customer that the item is on a B1G1F special and ask if they would like the free one. It's wrong to just assume they don't want it or to hope the customer is unaware of the special.
Posted by Josh on 2011-09-15:
It's wrong to just assume that when you order one, you'll get a second one. Again, if he ordered two, should they give him 4, or just the two (with the second one being the free one)?
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-09-15:
The cashier should have asked if he wanted the buy one get one free deal or if he just wanted the one sandwich.
Posted by Goldopals on 2011-09-15:
If there is a buy one get one free offer, customers should ask for it. If they ask for one, then it would be quite reasonable to assume that the customers wants one.
Posted by Venice09 on 2011-09-16:
Yaya, that would be the decent thing to do. If I ordered one sandwich without knowing there was a special, I'd be annoyed if the cashier didn't let me know. And I do not get annoyed that easily.

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