Doubletree By Hilton In San Juan Complaint - Horrendous Awful Behaviour By Front Desk @ The Dbltree Hilton In Sanjuan Puerto Rico

Review by girishandseema62 on 2011-09-15
When we checked into the Doubletree by Hilton on 12th September we believed that we were going to live temporarily on our short vacation in a reputed hotel. The hotel is nothing short of a disaster. We were greeted and handed our 2 room keys, at about ten pm when we couldn't get into one of the rooms, we reached out to the reception and were greeted by an uncouth person named peter, who refused to send help to see why we couldn't enter the room ..(we had 2 rooms booked amd were calling him from one of our existing rooms)He was rude and refused to issue the key to my hubby, and insisted to see me as apprently the hotel had entered the room undermy name. I left my infant kids howling because Peter as he mentioned was simply doing a security check....I have booked 2 rooms and can't enter one, at past ten pm, so whats the security threat. He seemed very upset to be questioned, and almost like a bully, refused to help now. I stood there helpless, at peters mercy coz obviously he seemed to have mental issues !!!he at me raising my voice in anguish now said that "suit yourself" and some more offensive words and when his colleague walked in to get him to keep his mouth shut, he walked away with a laugh, and sarcastically joked with another by stander with whom he was chitchatting. I am appalled to see that a guest is actually told to "suit themselves" when they are askig for theie room keys. When I nformed the Operations manager he sent us cookies. First peter treated me like a child and then the operations manager sent us cookies. Peter didn't apologize, in fact smirked every time we walked through the reception. Bo the operatons manager obviously was trying his level best to cover up the ill mannered staff, who shamelessly got away with his horendous attitide.
Our key again stopped functioning the next day, and were informed that if kept next to a cell phone it wouldn't function. How can a brand name like doubletree by Hilton funcion in such a disorderly and unprofesional way. Where the staff tells theguests off and still doesn't get questioned??If you have one bit of integrity give your business to those who respect your $$$ and treat you with respect.

Obviously Peter the front desk receptionsit seemed a guy who was uneducated and came from th slums, or else who would talk to a guest, at past ten pm in raised voices, blackmail them into not giving the room keys, refuse to assist and still be back on his seat .....A hotel like that is bound t close down....after all its that one rotten apple that spoils the bunch. I usually never take the effort to write complainsbut the humiliation I was put through by peter is worth letting everyone know.
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Posted by T on 2011-09-15:
"Obviously Peter the front desk receptionsit seemed a guy who was uneducated and came from th slums"

I for one am cheered to think that Peter may have made it out of the slums, in order to work and socialize with a more refined element at the Doubletree. Perhaps he will gain further refinement in time - it may be a race between that and falling back into the gutter that he may have been stuck in during his formative years.
Posted by lexophiliac on 2011-09-15:
Having been employed as night auditor/front desk in the biz, I can tell you that when it comes to faulty keys or keycards, it is customary for the guest to come to the lobby and return the faulty item and receive a replacement.

The policy about not giving keys to anyone but the guest listed on the registration is for guest safety, as well as serving to protect the hotel as far as liability. In your case it was an inconvenient policy but it does have sound reasoning behind it.

I would encourage you to give the corporate office your feedback on your experience at this hotel.

Posted by Anonymous on 2011-09-15:
Had he not done the security check and provided a key to anyone else other than the registered guest, and that person had been robbed, or even worse... killed, the hotel would have been liable. Rude treatment is not acceptable but in the end, he was doing his job of keeping the guests of the hotel safe.
Posted by bhskittykatt on 2011-09-16:
If the room was registered in your name, then yes, you need to personally go down to get a key. This is standard procedure for hotels and motels. Sometimes it is an inconvenience, but it is an important security procedure. In the future, ask to have your name AND your husband's name on the registration; that way either of you can get keys to the rooms. The night auditor was right to have you come down to get new keys.

And yes, cell phones can demagnetize those keys.

There's still no excuse for the night auditor to be rude. He needs to work on having better tact when dealing with an upset guest.

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