Horizon (3rd party extended warranty) Complaint - Grrrr...I feel completely powerless!

Review by bored_housewife54 on 2011-09-16
We bought a Whirlpool fridge a few years back. We have now discovered that the model we bought is widely regarded as a lemon but that's beside the point!

The manufacturer warranty has lapsed but the 3rd party extended warranty we purchased in addition to the cost of the unit doesn't expire until November.

In February this year the fridge turned into a freezer...everything in it, including the drinks, was rock solid. We called Horizon & they sent out a local technician. He told us that this unit had known thermostat issues that would be ongoing so he hoped, for our sake, that the company would replace the fridge. This was not to be so & the technician was instructed to fix the unit. Less than a month later the fridge just stopped cooling. The freezer unit worked fine but the fridge section wasn't cooling at all & we lost $300 worth of groceries (party food). Another call to Horizon & the same tech was dispatched. He again fixed the fridge at Horizon's request. Within 6 weeks I noticed that none of the canned drinks were as cold as normal & things like milk & cream weren't lasting as long so I bought a fridge thermometer. Sure enough, the fridge wasn't cooling below 10 degrees centigrade. I called Horizon AGAIN & they sent the same tech out to investigate. This time he spun me some BS story that frisbee cycle between 2 degrees & 10 degrees & I must have just been only catching it at the top of the cycle. He THEN told me that Horizon won't replace my fridge because it's close to the end of the warranty period so I may as well "deal with it" (whatever that means).

I've contacted the retailer & they no longer deal with this company because of this very issue (just doing patch up jobs in the hope that they can limp it along until the extended warranty expires) & I've contacted the Dept. of Consumer Affairs here in Australia but they have said that 3rd party extended warranties are pretty worthless towards the end of the period because the company can legally do what they are doing to me in order to avoid the cost of buying a new fridge for us!

So I'm feeling pretty powerless right now!
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Posted by At Your Service on 2011-09-17:
You bring up a very good point. I am by no means a big fan of third party warranties for the reason you've just outlined. When shopping around for a product, if warranty coverage is important to you, investigate warranty programs offered directly by the retailer selling them.
Posted by bored_housewife54 on 2011-09-17:
This was my 1st & only experience with an extended warranty but my Mum has had several extended warranties with various companies & never had a problem on the 3 occasions she has had to have repairs & she even got a brand new digital camera when her almost 5 year old camera died.

I wonder if these issues had started at the outset of the extended warranty (but out of manufacturer warranty) if they would have just replaced the unit given the terrible reputation this particular model has!
Posted by At Your Service on 2011-09-17:
Good to hear of the great experiences your "mum" has had. I would have held the retailer responsible for selling the warranty coverage. If they didn't want to honor it themselves, or force Horizon to do the same, then it tells you where not to purchase any longer.
Posted by Venice09 on 2011-09-17:
This problem occurs with all warranties. Just read the reviews and see for yourself.

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