USPS Complaint - Little Man Left Out - Mail Delivery

Review by drhntr2272 on 2011-09-18
We the people of Prim ar. are very displeased with the postal service. Why did the mail co. become so broke without letting someone know?I think someone should investigate where all the money went, and why does the postal service have the kind of authority to shut down post offices that have been in service for years. We live at least 15 miles from another post office. Has anybody asked how the postal service got in the financial bind that they are in, and why do they think what they are doing is going to help. I figure that if there was some checking you would find several hands in the cookie jar. We the people of these small rural communities need our post offices. Our postmaster that has been here for years is being moved about 20 miles and a PMR is coming to our office. that don't make sense. Let some hillbilly like us run the thing and I know we could do that good. contact your senators and yell. When the postal service asked for a stamp increase or a rate increase on packages they got it, so how can they set there and go broke. It don't make sense. I for one am not happy, and I think some high up people ought to get the boot. Are we going to have to start carrying our on mail to keep any service? If we are then please tell the so called USPS to get out of the way. Thank you. drhntr22@Yahoo. com
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Posted by T on 2011-09-19:
Obviously the USPS is going bankrupt. One of the ways to avoid it is to eliminate service.

Of course, an alternative might be you could pay $1 to send an envelope. How would you like that?
Posted by Ben There on 2011-09-19:
There are lots of reasons USPS is losing money:
- Fuel costs have gone up. It cost lots of money to run all those trucks and airplanes.
- Postage is really cheap. People complain when stamps go up a few cents, but what else can you get that cost that cheap? You can't even buy a can of soda for the cost of mailing documents thousands of miles.
- Email, websites and online bill pay have killed the mail and catalog market. Why wait days for something you can do and see in seconds... less mail means less post offices and deliverers needed.
Posted by leet60 on 2011-09-19:
Ben There +10. I only want to mention that fuel costs could be alleviated to some degree. I live in a cul-de-sac and the postman will drive the huge box truck around this circle to deliver to five houses....what happened to the days when you would see the postman park his vehicle and walk the block with a mailbag or pushing the bag on the wheeled apparatus. I imagine if you could calculate the cost of the fuel for the number of vehicles that drive short distances, stopping at every box it would be substantial.

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