Old Country Buffet Complaint - Nasty Rest Rooms

Review by clfstw6289 on 2011-09-25
My friends & I(Band Members)recently visited a Old Country Buffet in Battle Creek, MI. The Service was good, the Food was Great but the Mens Rest Room was aweful ! I informed our Table Server, who kindly Reported the issue to someone else. We were there alittle over an hour, but no one came to Clean the Men's Room. As with most Businesses that provide Public Rest Rooms, there was Urine on the floors in front of the Urinals and Fecal Matter on the Rims & under the Toilet Seats. I'd like to think that the Corporation that OWNS Old Country Buffet wants to keep their MANY customers Happy & Safe(from a Sanitation point-of-view).This is NOT just a Country Buffet problem...it's common in MANY Public Places. if these Companies can haul-in Millions of dollars from their Customes, surely they can PROVIDE their Customers with Neat, Clean Rest Rooms. CLEAN UP YOUR REST ROOMS Old Country Buffet ! Clfstw62
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Posted by GenuineNerd on 2011-09-25:
Probably a customer had a diarrhea accident shortly before you used the rest room, thus explaining the fecal mess. And there are men who are too lazy to lift the seat up before they pee. Still, there is no excuse for the rest room to be as filthy as you describe it...staff or management need to be notified IMMEDIATELY if a rest room needs to be cleaned. Leaving them dirty for long periods of time is not good for the restaurant, especially a buffet-type place.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-09-25:
People in general are disgusting. Kinda makes you wonder what their homes look like, huh?

And just think, all those nasty things you saw in the bathroom...and how many didn't bother to wash their hands...and then went out and grubbed around in the food in the buffet line. Yummy!
Posted by Thelma on 2011-09-26:
O.C.B. falls under the chain restaurant category. They hire mostly kids who could care less about cleaning a bathroom. For $10 bucks a head they really don't stay on top of the bathroom cleanliness. The worst offender I have found is Applebee's. Don't even get me started with these people. They are the worst of the worst. The food sucks, service by kids is horrible and their bathrooms consistently ranks the dirtiest. Management is a joke. They lost my business over 2 years ago after numerous visits at various locations.
Posted by Thelma on 2011-09-26:
Believe it or not the cleanest restaurant bathroom I have ever experienced was at a Chinese Buffet. This is a high volume restaurant where you think it would be nasty. In the men's room they had real flowers on the counter top. It smelled clean, soap & towel dispensers were filled, no trash and the bathroom stalls were immaculate. I complimented them when paying the check. Their response was "we have to use the same bathroom that you do, we make sure to keep it clean." Talk about a good attitude, I will return.

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