Community First Bank Complaint - Being Lead Around

Review by hard_working_cashier on 2011-09-26
PEA RIDGE, ARKANSAS -- Alright I just recently had to file an online complaint with my local bank. I'm not usually one for making complaints on this site... but I figure I might as well, so others (if any from my area) have this bank they won't be lead around as I have.

At the beginning of March I got a bank account. Due to some personal issues I could only get a second change account. This means I have no debit card, I can only pull money out through the ATM (with a $200 a day limit, oh and Friday, Saturday and Sunday count as one day)and I could not overdraw at all. even with all the rules and limitations I was very happy to have even a second chance account. I was told after six months I would be able to have a regular account and a debit card.

Over the months I've been very careful with the account, not going over once, making sure there was always a little bit of extra money in the account for the $3 fee.

At the very end of August I went up to the bank and asked if I met the qualifications for the regular bank account yet, seeing as I had almost been there six months. I was told by the teller I just had to wait a few more days, that after the 5th I would have been there an exact six months. I was told to just come back after that and everything should be ready to go.

When I was able to go back to the bank I went to the teller and told her I was there to get my regular account. She nodded and told me to go back to a back room to talk with the new account representative. So a pretty happy me walked back to the room and sat down. well she didn't take to long to tell me the bad news. "We can't even consider you. You have to have been with us for a year." Her exact words. It didn't take long before I left the bank. I know I should take things so personally but you trust a bank with your money... that money puts a roof over your head, and food on the table.

Just recently I've discovered a strange fee on my account as well. This one a $9.99 fee. It put me overdrawn for the very first time since opening the account. Today I called my bank about it. I was told it is going to be my new monthly service fee. That they were asked to up the price. When I asked why I was told because of the risk it is to have a second chance account. In my head I wanted to scream. No that was the reason I was charged the first fee, not allowed a debit card and was only allowed access to a little of my money every day. You don't raise the fee after someone has proved they are a loyal and trustworthy customer for months!

I talked with the lady for so long voicing my opinion she gave up and said the person I would need to speak to is not in right now that I will have to leave her a message. I wait by my phone... a swirl of well though out anger brewing inside me.

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