Neat Freakz (Abbotsford BC) Complaint - Poor customer service

Review by themills296 on 2011-09-27
I called this company because they are in my sister's home town of Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada. They have a caked decorating section and she enjoys this hobby, so I wanted her to be able to purchase a course or supplies. I ordered a $50 gift card over the phone on September 8th, 2011, and asked that they keep it at the store because I didn't have her new address, but was told it would be better to have it mailed. Therefore, I emailed her to get her new address, and sent an email to the company on September 9th in the morning with the address. I didn't get any response from the company confirming that the card had been mailed, so on September 14th, I emailed them again asking if they had received the address information and the card had been mailed. Received an email later that day stating "YES RECEIVED AND MAILED!!!" and nothing more. I was not given a choice about using registered mail or not. On September 19th, I received my receipt in the mail, which did not include any details of the gift card itself (ie. number etc)...it was simply the Vias receipt for the amount with no detail of what the purchase was for. I called my sister to see if she had received the card, as it had a much smaller distance to travel, so I assumed it would have already arrived. She had not yet received it. I waited several more days and it still hadn't arrived. I decided to check the postage mark to see when it had been mailed, only to find that it had not been sent until September 14th! Obviously, they had forgotten to mail it, and not done so until I prompted them with my email. I then called the business on September 23rd(long distance) to follow up and was assisted by a very nice woman. She questioned the other saleperson, whom she said had acutally mailed the gift card and the receipt. I could hear her talking in the background and she said, "I mailed them both at the same time". I then asked the woman on the phone if it was possible to cancel the gift card and she said she would need to have the owner call me back. Because he was out of town on a business trip, she said he would call me back on Monday, September 26th. I waited all day for the call on that date, and did not receive a call. On September 27th, I called the store and a man answered the phone, whom I believe is the owner. I explained the situation, and he interrupted me abruptly and said, "I mailed them on the same day, I can't explain why she doesn't have it yet." I then asked if he could cancel the card and replace it. Instead of addressing this, he stated that "because I didn't ask to have it sent registered mail, there was no way to track it." I told him that I had not been offered this as an option, and that indeed, I had originally requested that the card be left at the store, and that I was assured that they preferred to mail it. I then asked why the card had not been mailed for 5 days after I purchased it, and I suggested that perhaps they had forgotten to mail it until I sent the prompting email. He told me that he doesn't mail things immediately after they are ordered, that they "save them up because it's too much work to mail things every day" and that he had mailed it on the way home. I asked why I had heard the salesperson say that SHE had mailed them in that case. He got very angry with me and told me "You are making my blood pressure go up. You need to calm down" even though I had not raise my voice. I'm sure I sounded angry because he was being so rude, but I did not raise my voice. He then started going on about "not being able to track it" again. I then repeated that I understood that and that my original question was whether or not it could be cancelled. He said "I don't think that can be done, because we don't have the card." I suggested that he must have scanned the card to activate it, and as I have the receipt with date of purchase, there must be some way to cancel the card. He replied "I don't' know how to do that." I waited for him to suggest another option, but he was silent. After I pushed a bit, he said "The guy who handles the gift cards is across the street, so I can't ask him right now." I requested that he try to find out if it was possible, and then asked when I could expect him to follow up with me with the answer. He said "YOU can call ME tomorrow, and I'll tell you."

I checked online, and all the websites indicate that you can cancel a card if you have the original receipt. I'm not hopeful about the outcome of this, but mostly I'm extremely upset about how this company implied that this was MY fault and that I was being unreasonable and that my anger over the situation and my treatment were somehow inappropriate.

I will never order from this store again, and have suggested to my sister that she not take classes there or buy anything from them.

All this person needed to say was, "I can understand why you are concerned about this. We don't have any idea why the card is taking so long to arrive. We're not sure how to cancel the card, but we can find out for you and call you back." THAT would have been appropriate customer service.

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