McDonalds in cottonwood, az Complaint - Yuk, the filth !!! - Plain old dirty/ filthy bathrooms

Review by cristo on 2005-08-02
COTTONWOOD, ARIZONA -- Good god don't go here if you have to pee, or let alone eat, considering if the employees use the bathroom like you as a travler, you may come down with severe ilness. Uck, dirty/fithy bathroom, Im sure a regular p" stop for frequent travlers, but the filth needs to stop at the McDonalds there. (Cottonwood)
The floors were black with filth, people trecking in and out dirt, the toilet seats were yellowed and in need of a new seat and the walls in the stalls were, well, (close to the tp holder) small smears of, well, dark/light brown stains. Hummm Seems to me it needed a rather over-due cleaning, ick. or a bull-dozing
Even the stalls of the toilets were filled with the litter of TP everywhere,tampons and pads, the persons working the food area were of no help for service let alone any thought process or whom would clean the
bathroom. It was very gross. It wasnt even far from sicking when a lady plopped her toddler on the counter by the sink and proceeded to change the poo filled diaper then chucked it to the trash, missing it by several feet, leaving it in the floor. That Mickey D's is a harbor of disease and do you really think the employee's there take time to wash their hands,oooooooooooo sic. That McDonalds is a feast for disease

cristo 7/30/05
Comments:8 Replies - Latest reply on 2005-10-02
Posted by N. on 2005-08-03:
Before zzrokk makes an id!otic comment about me and bathrooms, you have to consider that you were in a backwoods town in Arizona. People there tend to care less. I'm sure all the establishments arount were the same.
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-08-03:
Doc, she was in the LADIES restroom. Cristo, was management, the health dept, and corporate notified?
Posted by NeveragainAmazon on 2005-08-04:
Doc says, Cottonwood, AZ is "a backwoods town"! Have you ever been there Doc?
Posted by N. on 2005-08-04:
No, have you? Is it really an aristocratic community and I just didn't realize it? And Zork, it doesn't matter what bathroom it is; a bathroom is a bathroom.
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-08-04:
Right and all of them have "fat guys" in them for your 'peeking' pleasure.
Posted by NeveragainAmazon on 2005-08-05:
I would hope that I have gone to Cottonwood AZ since I live in AZ. Funny, but I do not see anything "backwoods"about it.
Posted by AZJEM on 2005-08-07:
Docthere is more out there then what's on the map that they place on a fast food tray.(YOU ARE HERE* )
Posted by walmart_employee_sports on 2005-10-02:
first of all, you can expect them to close down the bathrooms after every use to clean them, and second of all, its the customers that are making the mess. do you really think an employee would make there work place washroom gross? grow up!

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