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Review by sarahsucks6978 on 2011-10-04
I know sooooo many people who have gone to this woman for pictures/makeup/etc and she may have been professional at one time but that person is not the one you would meet today. I have heard nothing but bad things about this woman. She is UNLICENSED and UNSCHOOLED which by itself makes it against the law for her to be applying makeup to anybody and she has become sloppier and more unprofessional as time goes by. She takes weeks to edit and send you your pics while promising they will be done within a few days to a week and does not offer any compensation or even an apology, but instead is very rude and will turn to her Facebook business page in a heartbeat to bash anyone who dares question her professionalism. Here is a post that Sarah herself put on her Facebook business page when someone reported one of her images for being inappropriate: "Yet again, image reported and I can't post for 30 days. And to the person on my friends list that is no doubt reading this because you have NO life, you made my day. But one day when you're locked in your padded cell at the State Hospital with a thorazine drip and you look back on your meaningfull life, I hope it was worth it..." DOES THIS SOUND LIKE SOMETHING A PROFESSIONAL MAKE UP ARTIST AND PHOTOGRAPHER WOULD POST ON THEIR PAGE? Not only does Sarah like to bash her clients behind their backs but she does not regularly clean her brushes or applicators! It does not take "talent" to photoshop and edit someone to the point of being unrecognizable. For example, my best friend is the type of person who turns heads when she walks into a room because she is so completely gorgeous. When she did a shoot for Sarah, the pictures came out ridiculous looking! Her nose had been replaced by a michael jackson nose and her body didn't resemble the gorgeous female I knew at all. Sarah is becoming more and more well known for rescheduling clients numerous times, showing up late, canceling appointments less than an hour before the appointment time... I personally know someone who was rescheduled three times and had her first two appointments canceled by Sarah when she was already in the car driving to the appointment. And now it looks like her husband will be joining the "family business". Yay! Yet another person who is "self-taught" and unlicensed/uncertified and unschooled offering pictures. What the woman who wrote the original comment said about the "whorish" poses is true. Sarah has a lack of creativity when it comes to having her clients pose. If you are not thin, or cannot be photoshopped to look that way, then you are told to pose as you would at a Sears department store photography setting. Sarah also has a strong tendency to favor certain clients over others. Its understandable to make friends with clients and to naturally become more comfortable with them but if you are not a close friend of hers or a regular client, you just might end up waiting a month or more for your pictures, which once you receive them you'll see they were edited at the last minute, having your appointment canceled or rescheduled several times, and having unclean makeup brushes used to apply makeup to your face by a self taught UNLICENSED artist. The thing that I find so comical about this so-called photographer and make up artist, is the fact that she will blatantly talk poorly of her clients on a Facebook page where those clients could read those comments and she doesn't even realize that if people reported her to the Comestology Board of Certification she could be shut down and lose everything. Seems a little stupid of her to go around flashing her "self taught" ego and her poor attitude and complete lack of unprofessionalism. But I guess some people have to learn the hard way.
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Posted by SB on 2011-10-04:
"She is UNLICENSED and UNSCHOOLED which by itself makes it against the law for her to be applying makeup to anybody..." I would be surprised if this is true. I imagine it would only be illegal if she claims to have qualifications/certifications/degrees that she in fact, does not.
Posted by lexophiliac on 2011-10-04:
Having had a beauty biz, I can tell you it is not illegal to apply cosmetics and such to a client's skin without benefit of a license, but it is strongly discouraged due to the fact that if the client were to suffer a reaction the person who applied the product could potentially be held liable. A woman who had a coloring done at another salon came in to mine years ago and complained of staining of the skin and burning from the dye. In empathy for her distress and desire to ease her discomfort I forgot the rule of not touching a client's skin, and wet a towel with cool water and touched it to her face. She left and immediately called corporate wanting to sue for that. It was ultimately determined that though I used poor judgment in an attempt to render aid, my actions did not add to her injury and her claims were dismissed.
Posted by Nicole on 2011-10-04:
I have seen a complaint against Sarah on Complaints Board. She actually has a lot of great things said about her if you check it out. The makeup she does is very dramatic and she does a lot of pin up style shoots. Maybe that style isn't for .everyone, but I'm a fan of her work.

The reason she said that comment on Facebook is because someone is carrying on a smear campaign against her by posting lots of negative reviews and flagging her photographs on FB.

You can see some examples here:

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