Huff's Cash n Carry Complaint - Non-Friendly Cashiers

Review by queenhornet on 2005-08-08
YOUNGSVILLE,NC, NORTH CAROLINA -- Huff's is located in a small town of Youngsville,NC.I use to patron their store until I realized how ugly their cashiers treat the customers.I will not name any names because of legal issues but I will tell you that if you decide to viisit that store more than likely you will come away feeling as if you just gave that ill tempered woman your money so you could be treated badly.
One instance is that..they get angry if you give them change...and have been known to tell you that they will not accept it (it's US Currency)!
Another time they have told people that they can not use the restroom because they are too muddy.
If you dare go in the store when they are changing shifts,you may get snapped on or get the bad eye if you get a drink from the cooler,because,she will tell you "I just filled that damn coler",all the while letting you know she did not want you to get that drink,until her shift ended.I hate that store,and for the most part,the people stink even the owners.Their are two female cashiers that are the younger of the rest,and I give them and "A",but they are not their ofthen,so I don't go.The last time my daughter went their they threatened to call the law on her because,this one woman (even though she doesn't look like one),gets so nasty...that finally my daughter told her off !I advise anyone coming to this area to go to next store down.It is owned by VERY nice people from India and that's where my business now goes.If you know of anyone from this area please send this to them,so they will not be treated so badly while handing their money into the hands of not so grateful employees.And by the way...the owners are just as bad !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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