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Review by tpebop on 2005-08-08
SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- I recently purchased a kel tec p3at pistol chambered in380 ACP I knew it was going to be a challenge to shoot but when I got to the range and put it to use I learned the truth of the matter. The p3at is very small and my hands are freakishly large this caused the magazine to drop every time I fired as part of my hand would always hit the mag release. After I figured out how to hold it, that stopped happening. I found the pistol to be semi accurate at 7 yards effective but limited as the barrel is quite short another thing is the double action only trigger I found it to be quite smooth and easy to operate. I knew when I bought my p3at it was not meant to be a primary weapon but a back up so as a back up I would say it is rather good just be careful as to how you hold it and don’t expect a target pistol

Update: I got the oportunity to go to the range again and with a little practice I found the p3at to be surprisingly acurate given the short barrel
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Posted by N. on 2005-08-08:
No one on this site really cares about what guns you buy, just to let you know.
Posted by tpebop on 2005-08-09:
as for dr jerk I care and anyone interested in buying a p3at cares as for biz do some resaerch on the p3 at I never said it was a wepon of choice however for its size it is pretty acurate and very reliable also it fits very well in the pocket
Posted by N. on 2005-08-09:
The only people replying are me and Biz. Feel lucky, for NO ONE could have replied.
Posted by Slimjim on 2005-08-09:
I'm sorry, but I can resist no more. Doc, given those two choices, how do you figure he got the lucky senerio?
Posted by N. on 2005-08-10:
Because we could have just totally ignored this post, seeing as it's worthless. But we were nice enough to post at least something in here.
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-08-10:
Tp, do you have a 'CCP'? Why do you need to carry the gun in your pocket? Not to be nosy but where do you live? Dodge City?
Posted by tpebop on 2005-08-11:
San antonio
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-08-11:
Well didn't we already win "the Battle for the Alamo" a few years back? Is the crime that bad there that you need a gun in your pocket?
Posted by tpebop on 2005-08-11:
it dont hurt and crime is never good but I originaly hail from L.A. so I might be a little paranoid not that thats bad

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