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Review by ptosis on 2005-08-08
TheBus Customer Services 811 Middle Street Honolulu, Hawaii 96819 (808) 848-4500 CC: DOT, C&C


8/8/05 Reference #62 /Bus # 834 incident 1:30 PM Sunday 8/7/05

Imbroglio escalation & filing a false imprisonment report
Bus drivers are in the front-line every day for verbal abuse and physical assaults from some passengers as well as having to deal with inconsiderate road users, road works and congestion yet are still under pressure to deliver service with a smile.

Now I realize why people squash around the bus door in a crushing manner and passengers are unable to exit bus in downtown Chinatown. I always thought that the people on Hotel street were rude but now I've come to understand that old bus riders are trained that way by TheBus drivers themselves to act in such a fashion.

My question to you is this: What is the maximum radius from bus door before a passenger is refused boarding? Apparently the answer to that question is about a length of two feet in a 120 degree arc in the direct line of vision of the driver.

Since banging on the side of the bus from three away in the line of sight of the driver's rear mirror is not responded in a positive manner, I asked the bus driver, and then later the supervisor the same thing; "What do I do to flag the bus driver not to drive away at a bus stop so that I am able to board the bus?" Both separately replied in the same manner which is; " You should not bang on side of door and wait for the next bus".

Although I appreciate the considerable responsibility that TheBus drivers have for the safety of those on and around the bus, I find this answer inadequate and is reflective of a poorly defined conduct policy.

On 5/29/05 the Honolulu Advertiser ran a news story that showed " ... Many of the accidents also appear to fall along main bus routes. ..."

Now I know why there is such a high death rate of pedestrians around bus routes, it's because people are rushing to catch the bus.

If TheBus's policy is that it is 'unreasonable' for a driver to delay departure of the bus once the door is closed and before pulling away from the curb then this explains why folks run "hell bent for leather" to catch the bus.

My Complaint is this:

Bus was unable to pull away after closing doors on me because I was banging on the side of TheBus with fist. This is what I did at less than half the length of the bus, a little over three feet away from door,. I did this to let TheBus driver know I wished to board the bus.

Upon entering and showing pass, TheBus driver threatened me to call HPD for the "property damage" on her bus. This was not merely a obnoxious response but the spark that would have create an aggravated response in even the most mild of temperament.

Upon reaching my destination while exiting I told the driver that I was complaining to TheBus about her. She retaliated by locking the doors. I had to turn around and sit back down which to me was embarrassing because now all the people on the bus thinks that I an the reason for the bus's delay.

Her escalation and retaliatory act is not acceptable. When you lock the doors and call HPD on a phantom bus 'damage' then that is a direct retaliation for my complaint to her.

I am an ordinary person with a reasonable expectation to board the bus within the general area of the station without undue delay and without disturbance. That woman's actions escalated a non-situation into a confrontation involving the police. Any TheBus driver should be able to handle the public in a more positive manner rather than precipitating negative reactions.

Most of the time TheBus is pretty good. But I have one question.: "What do I do to flag the bus driver not to drive away at a bus stop so that I am able to board the bus?

I would like to know what is TheBus's plan is to reduce accidents near bus stops where the majority of pedestrians deaths occur. It obvious to me that a better defined policy is required since the current one allow callous disregard and creates an unsafe bus boarding area.

Sincerely ,

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