cybertrader inc. Complaint - unethical practices

Review by pdesai@fcsinet.com on 2001-11-19
YORBA LINDA, CALIFORNIA -- i had opend an account with cybertrader recommended by friend..their technical department asked me to download a software on my pc..after many attempt with help of their technical advisor i was told that software was not comptable with my pc and person from tech. dept. asked me to download another software to see if that would work..during these time there was no mention of any cost by the advisor..well any way 2nd software did not work so i called them back ane they told me to upgrade my pc..i was going out of town on the business trip for few months so i told the person in the tecnical dept. that when i get back i will do just that and get call them back..when i came back in the mar/april of year 2001..i ws going through my mail and saw $99 charges on the statment from them so i called to inquire and they said that was a data fee..i asked them what data fee.. i can't even use their software yet and i just cameback from oversee trip..and besides i did not signup for any date..they said it doesn't matter...wheather you choose not to use it..i asked them the prove it to me that i signed up for it and use it but they have not and they would not credit my account for the six months that i was gone for...so i just would like to say that this is very anethical and poor customer service..now i tell this story to evryone in come in contact with to make sure people know what kind of rip off tactics company like this use...people who recommend this coming has cancel their accounts and went to diffrent comany and i am in the process of doing the same...as soon as i get my money credited from this company..so far they only agree to credit half and i want full credit not half..than i cn go on with my future...it is same that they need to do this to people who are not familer with these kind of business..i hope that some day some one would just the same to them and memeber of thier family than will realize how it feels to be taken by crooks..legally or illegally..

thank you for this site for givin me the chance to wirte to letter...
paresh desai..714-693-8130

To help keep me as a potential future customer, I would like the following:

i would like the letter of applogies from the ceo nd full credit to my account asap. this is been going on for long time and i keep calling people there and no one seems to return my calls..

At the very least I would like a response from your company regarding this incident. Thank you for your time.

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