Five Guys Burgers Complaint - Meh

Review by pumbaaco39 on 2011-10-22
CENTENNIAL, COLORADO -- I went today to Five Guys because I heard how great they were from some show on Food Network. I'm always curious to try places out and quite honestly they did not live up to the hype I heard on TV.

First off, the menu. No combo meals, everything is separate. My meal came to like $10. May not be as good but I could spend less at Mickey D's or BK and still have some left over for a small dessert!

Second, no kids meals. Only thing I saw was hot dog or grilled cheese. What if my kid didn't want those but wanted the burger? If its the one I got, it would be a bit much for them to eat.

Now, I won't be all bad about them. The help was friendly and pointing out the size difference on the menu. The soda machine, I think, was so cool looking! I want one for my house!!

All in all I give Five Guys 3 out of 5.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2011-10-22:
Combo meals at Burger King, Wendy's, etc...can get quite pricey. They advertise $4-$5 per combo, but if its upsized, then it quickly escalates to $7-$8.
Posted by GenuineNerd on 2011-10-22:
Comparing Five Guys to McDonald's, Burger King, or Wendy's is like comparing apples to oranges. Sure, you're paying more, but you're getting a much better burger. The Five Guys burgers are juicier and thicker than the fast food chains' hamburgers, and their french fries, which are made from freshly sliced (not frozen) potatoes, are great as well. Only warning...don't bring anybody with a peanut allergy to Five Guys, since the chain offers complementary shelled peanuts. I love Five Guys, and their hamburgers and fries are well worth the money.
Posted by T on 2011-10-22:
I went to 5 guys once. The burgers are all cooked to death, and it is like someone injected them with grease or water - they are real juicy. You cook a good hunk of ground beef to death and it won't be juicy.

My "meal" was like $8, and it was not much better than McD's or BK. Definitely not $5 better. I'll never go back.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-10-22:
Best burger in the world...a little joint on the outskirts of town in Santa Fe, NM called Bobcat Bite. 2nd to none.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-10-24:
Best Burger I had was from the original wineburger. a locally owned Burger joint near me.
Posted by Churro on 2011-10-24:
Five guys in Virginia/DC area rocks. The further you get from DC the less it rocks. Typical of chains.

Best burger is hard to say but Sid's Diner on old Route 66 in El Reno OK is about as good as any.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-10-24:
I don't like Five Guys. I think Joe's Farm House Grill has the best burgers. Tilted Kilt's Big Arse burgers are the second best. But, nothing beats a burger you grill yourself at home.
Posted by Old Timer on 2011-10-24:
IN-N-Out, the only burger worth eating in these parts. We have had a few Five Guys open this last year. They got a lot of quick biz, but the true burger lovers went right back to In-N-Out.

I am in Trm's corner, I tried the new Five Guys craze and found it to be a big zero. JMHO...

Just an FYI, Food and Wine rated California In-N-Out Burger the #1 burger in the USA. I think they are correct. Bob's Big Boy Double Decker used to have my #1 vote, In-N-Out took that away on the first visit.

Posted by GenuineNerd on 2011-10-24:
I had an In-N-Out "Animal Burger" on a trip to Los Angeles several years ago. Not bad. However, In-N-Out is a West Coast chain. Big Boy has restaurants in Michigan and Ohio as well as California. Only difference is...Big Boy LLC (formerly Bob's/Elias Brothers) uses mayonnaise on their Big Boys, although "red sauce" and "orange sauce" can be ordered. Frisch's (mainly in the Columbus, Cincinnati, and Toledo areas) uses tartar sauce on their Big Boys. The two remaining Big Boys in Cleveland are Big Boy LLC. The Big Boy LLC locations also have a "Kitchen Sink Burger". Max & Erma's (another Ohio upscale burger restaurant) has awesome burgers as well-I recommend the "Garbage Burger". I love "fully loaded" hamburgers.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-10-24:
GenuineNerd, You should join us on the community forum side Sometime, You post good advice.
Posted by Starlord on 2011-10-26:
Personally, I hear people rave about something, I get suspicious. I have never had a Five Guys burger, but I did read an article about them in Yahoo News recently, where they were the Don't Eat this in a comparison. I have tried Krispy Kreme donuts and still can't figure out what cause the intense loyalty some show. It was a donut, no better or worse than Dunkin' or Winchell's.

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