Steel T Heating & Air Conditioning Complaint - Horrible Service - Shady Business Practices

Review by aarongtucker56 on 2011-10-25
ENGLEWOOD, COLORADO -- Steel T came out to diagnose an issue I was having with an AC unit and blew out the compressor during diagnosis. They then refused to resolve the issue. While they were diagnosing things the tech specifically stated it wasn't the compressor after he checked it out and the readings were all good. He then continued to test things. While testing, or whatever he was doing, he changed out my fuses to non-standard ones and somehow shorted/arked the line and blew out the compressor. After which he then packed up his stuff and left, leaving me with a quote of $1500 for a new compressor. Thinking something was off, I called another company out to look at it and possibly fix the problem. They told me that they would not do any work on the unit because Steel T blew out clips and caused a short somewhere that could likely result in the same thing happening again. As I have never seen a company turn away business in such a manner I immediately called back Steel T.
They, instead of coming out and resolving the issue, chose to try to up sell me into a new AC unit. They also offered reducing their fee for a new compressor by 20%, a compressor that they blew out. While on the phone with the owner he chose to ramble on for over an hour about how their techs don't make mistakes and that these things happen. However, after discussing the matter with 4 more HVAC professionals from different companies, I have discovered that, as I suspected, this shouldn't happen if the diagnostics are done in a particular manner. When they are done the way Steel T has done them, there is the chance of a blow out and when that happens, the company should replace the unit, no charge. As the compressor was not blown when they arrived, they should've known what to do or what not to do.

When I told them I had outside bids on a compressor replacement – since it was now August and I needed it fixed - that were far cheaper than what they had offered, they simply badmouthed the competition and said you get what you pay for. Well in this case, I paid Steel T to diagnose what was wrong with my AC unit. Instead of getting what I paid for, I got a unit that doesn't work at all and an up sell of $1500 in labor. Rediculous!

As a longtime businessperson within Colorado for over a decade I expect more out of the service companies I call. Mistakenly breaking someone’s AC is one thing - assuming that is what happened and it wasn't purposely blown out - but to not acknowledge the mistake and to try to charge someone $500 an hour to repair the mistake is yet another. I will not stand for it.

The AC unit has been repaired by another company since, and at this point I can only hope that my words here help others avoid the ordeal I went through with a very suspect and poorly serving Steel T Heating, Inc. As there are many options out there for AC and Heating services, avoid Steel T, no matter the price, no matter the circumstance. It will cost you far more than what you expect.

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