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Review by supermommy on 2011-10-26
I would never bank with this company again. I am very understanding that banks have fees and rules to protect their self and us but what this bank does is insane.

I was in a car wreck and had my car in a body shop and wrote them a check for the deductible. When I went to pick up my car there was massive problems with it. I took it back to the body shop and went into the Auburn branch of the bank to put a stop payment on my check till the car was fixed correctly. A few days later I wrote a check to my cable company only to get a call later saying the check had been returned. When I went into the branch in Seneca Falls to see what the problem was they told me the check for the auto body had been cashed. I informed them I had stopped payment on that and showed them the papers given to me in Auburn. They then informed me the auto body had cashed it at the Waterloo branch and that in order to keep them from doing that I should have gone to each and every branch in the area to make sure they had the stop check in their system. There are like 10 of them in the area!!! I told them I would pay the check but not the almost $100 in over drafts they were trying to charge me. They refused stating I had to pay it all.

A week later a man showed up at my doorstep demanding I pay the account. I explained what happened and again offered to pay the check but not the over draft. He became belligerent and screamed at me telling me that was not OK and that they would take me to jail if I didn't pay that instant. I told him to go a head and then shut the door. This same man showed up at my door another 5 times over 3 weeks times till I finally called the cops. The cops told him you can not be put in 'debt" jail and to stop threatening that and to stop harassing me.

They then took me to court where I explained to the judge and she ruled in my favor and told them to take it off my credit report. It has now been 3 years. They still have yet to take it off my credit report, I still get harassing calls from them to "pay up" and I had to go to a second chance bank and now have to pay to have a checking account because they have not taken it out of the system like they were ordered.

I think the way they act toward customers is very unprofessional and the worst example of customer service. I would never ever bank with them again nor refer friends. My daughter's school did a program with them where they helped the kids set up savings accounts and many parents have complained about the representative snapping at the kids for not saving enough. I refused to let my daughter participate. Instead I took her to the bank I got my second chance account at and had her open one there and she loves them. They all know her by name and go out of their way to encourage her to save in a good way.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2011-10-26:
What was the time-frame between when you wrote the check and gave it to the auto body and when you went to the bank to request the stop payment? It sounds like it got cashed before the stop payment request got processed through the system.
Posted by T on 2011-10-26:
The story of the individual harrassing you at your home and threatening to put you in jail over overdrafts is rather odd. I'm glad you won in court, but this shows the value of keeping your credit clean.
Posted by traceylynn on 2011-10-26:
If they did not get it out of check systems or off your credit report you need to take them back to court. They may have to pay damages to you.

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