CJ Fin's Taphouse Complaint - Perhaps there needs to be a lesson in customer service here

Review by bwmom134 on 2011-10-28
MOORESVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- We just visited your restaurant for the first time. Although your food and our server Abby were great, your restaurant leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to making the customer happy. My son wanted a crabby patty. We came to your restaurant because you offered crab cakes. At first we order your slider app and asked for all crab patties. We were then informed that this could not happen. We th...en asked to have a crab cake substituted in a burger entree. We were told that would be fine but we would have to pay $22.99 for 1 crab cake. This is outrageous. We could have ordered the crab cake entree and received 2 cakes and 2 sides. Why on earth would we spend $22.99 for one crab cake?! We were willing to pay an upcharge for the single patty but we did not realize it would be that ridiculous. I have worked in the restaurant business and customer service for 20 years, and I have never worked for someone who was not willing to make modifications to an order, especially for a child, for a reasonable price difference. Our server was... apologetic and we ended up buying the crab cake entree, only because it was so late. If it had been any earlier we would have left. I can not believe that your restaurant will be successful if you are not willing to "bend" the menu from time to time. We enjoyed the meal, but we will not come back to your restaurant. If there had been some sort of compromise attempt it would be different. Perhaps from this point forward, you might remember this e-mail and make decisions based on keeping customers loyal. Sometimes you have to make a decision based on the customer and not on your profit margin.
Comments:3 Replies - Latest reply on 2011-10-29
Posted by Alain on 2011-10-29:
You may want to let CJ Fin's know about this by contacting them directly via http://www.cjfins.com/contact
Posted by T on 2011-10-29:
Crab cakes are expensive, so generally speaking it doesn't surprise me that there would be an issue substituting them in menu items. Judging the upcharge, if a substitution was allowed, would require knowing the price of the original item.

I don't know if the fact the customer was a child matters. A crab cake has much higher food cost than a complimentary slice of spice cake, for example.
Posted by patiokitty on 2011-10-29:
I am not at all surprised that they would not 'bend' the menu for you - many restaurants won't do that these days, especially with higher priced food items. Did the restaurant even offer a children's menu? I am not familiar with the restaurant so I don't know what they offer, but I do know that the reason why many restaurants don't allow substitutions has to do with how the ingredients are priced out - changing the item with substitutions throws the whole pricing scheme right out the window.

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