Review by momgreatdragon89 on 2011-10-31
Resolution Update on 11/16/2011:
This is resolved as I have chosen not to shop at Bend Wal-Mart again
BEND, OREGON -- I, have read some comments...YES I had a receipt, I purchased it on my credit card, I've been shopping in that same store for 18 years...I know almost everyone by name including front desk management, I can't say why some people come to work with attitudes, but this evening the customer service clerk has a BOSS ATTITUDE!!! I purchased a computer part that was wrong for $298.00,the customer service desk employee was RUDE and Very Questioning of my return, after Electronics verified it had been not been opened she still commented "I still don't know why she's returning it" I asked for Management, who after hearing my complaint about bad customer service offered me a gift card and asked me to leave the store...I snatched the gift card from the ever so RUDE employee and left the store! They sent the cops to my house for snatching the gift card!! I returned the next morning and demanded my money back because I refused to be forced to spend it there...I had to get loud and obnoxious in order to get my money back, they then had the Police call me to tell me I was Trespassed from their store... Yeah my heart is breaking from that one!!! LOL...needless to say all my family and any friends I have, have SWORN to NEVER shop there again...their prices are so low because their customer service is just as low, better to pay higher prices and be treated with respect and a smile then questioned, accused, belittled and have the cops show up at your door because the concept of "Return with a receipt"or "it was the wrong product" is lost in the realm of "the customer is NEVER right at WAL MART"!!!
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Posted by Starlord on 2011-10-31:
This begs the question, did you have a receipt? I have never had any trouble with making a return at WalMart, in any store I have ever been to. I would like to hear the other side of the story, because, to tell the turth, something just doesn't look right here. You failed to describe why the person at the desdk had such an attitude. It ju doesn't make sense.
Posted by HonestForSure on 2011-10-31:
@starlord is right - did you have a receipt? Also, what "computer part" does Walmart carry for $298? They may have a desktop for that price. Return policies there are very clear. Did you try to circumvent them? If so, they have a right to refuse you or question the reason. If it is withing a return policy and you have a receipt, there is no drama. Which is it?
Posted by At Your Service on 2011-10-31:
Without reading any of the comments already given, I believe I got the jest of the complaint. The return was trying to be done without a sales receipt and with product that is not necessarily available for return. The customer service desk tried to work with the customer by at least offering a gift card and the O.P. didn't seem to appreciate the idea.

Depending on the management within the store, it would be smart of the O.P. to not just stay clear of Walmart in the location specified, but the parking lot as well. I'd also refrain from visiting Walmart locations within the area. It's possible that, in treating the O.P. with a legal trespass, she could be detained and arrested if she's ever found in violation.
Posted by T on 2011-10-31:
The "jest of the complaint" is a bit ironic when you think about some of the complaints that are seen on consumer feedback websites.
Posted by Venice09 on 2011-10-31:
Maybe it's just me, but this leads me to believe the OP had a receipt:

"better to pay higher prices and be treated with respect and a smile then questioned, accused, belittled and have the cops show up at your door because the concept of "Return with a receipt"or "it was the wrong product" is lost in the realm of "the customer is NEVER right at WAL MART"!!!"

I think the problem was the possibility that the item had been opened even though Electronics confirmed that it had not been opened.
Posted by griffin21 on 2011-11-01:
I had no idea, but I just checked and Walmart does sell computer parts online / site-to-store. The high end processors are well over $1000. Perhaps there was some confusion because the computer part is not part of the normal store inventory?

There has to be A LOT more to this story. Was the manager called because the CSR denied the return? or was it because of the CSR's seemingly harmless statement (after all, she works in customer service and most likely is clueless about computer parts!!)? What were you "accused" of? Can the police really be sent to your house for "snatching" something that belongs to you? Did they come and implore citizens not to "snatch"? .....

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction?
Posted by Starlord on 2011-11-01:
If the property did not belong to the OP, then snatching it out of the hand of the clerk or manager could technically be called strongarm robbery. But two things are important here, 1. the card belonged to the OP, and 2. it was really of little value. A couple of keystrokes, and it would be valueless. At most, this would be a civil matter, and the police are forbidden to become involved. I stand by my first post.
Posted by Cwazychicken on 2011-11-01:
if they heard your complaint, that you were being treated badly, then why would they tell you to leave the store? i feel theres a lot missing to this complaint. Also, they didnt clearly state they had a receipt (just that a receipt and a wrong item return were there policies). If they had no receipt and snatched the gift card, then technically it is theft (if they caused the scene)....I would've calmly talked to them and asked for it nicely, if it was promised. But again, that leads me to ask just how the OP reacted to the cashier first.
Posted by momgreatdragon89 on 2011-11-05:
I read everyone's comments...I guess I really should have gone into more detail, but I was a bit upset about the whole matter and was typing upset...you all gave your 3 cents worth and I appreciate it, the fact still remains that I was treated rudely and I will not shop there any more, more to the story, there maybe but what's the point everyone reads the article and assumes I had no receipt which I did, The C.S. Rep was an A## and acting like a B*#!# & I will NEVER spend another dime in any Wal-Mart!!!

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