Review by hatejpauley on 2005-08-16
ARKANSAS -- I am not one to complain, but I believe as many people should know about my experience and maybe this will help you not make the same mistake I did. I just bought a new vehicle from J Pauley Toyota approximately a month ago. I had to have the lights adjusted by the Service Department. When I arrived for my appointment, one of the mechanics told me go see the Service Manager and they would get started on it. After about a ten minute wait, the Service Manager came in the office, he was on the phone and looking for paperwork. Okay, I know what it is to be busy so I continued to wait patiently. Here's where it got bad (It does not get ugly until I speak with the owner, Pawley). As he was getting off the phone he looked right at me and didn't say a word. As I was about to tell him who I was and why I was there, two people walked in and he promptly assisted them. Okay, now I'm upset!

I went to speak to my salesperson and tell him what happened and together we went to the service department and the guy apologized. The apology was fine, but I still wanted to make a complaint. I was told I needed to talk to the owner Pawley (I will not even put a Mr. in front of that name, because that shows respect).

Now, here's where it got ugly. Here's what Pawley's (the owner of J. Pauley Toyota) advice was to me: "To get my car and go on down the road somewhere else then". By the way, did I say this is the owner I was talking to? The next statement he said is "There was only one perfect man who walked this earth and an apology was all I was getting". By the way, did I say this is the owner I was talking to? Well I know what an apology is, because I have had to hand out a few myself, and that was not one! Pawley also said, "If I was suggesting that any of his people were prejudiced I was wrong". Well he's the one who brought it up, I didn't! Sounds like his conscience was bothering him. Anyway, I guess I'll never know if it was prejudice, rudeness, male chauvinism, attitude problem, bad day, overworked, etc. J PAULEY TOYOTA it's time to close shop when you can treat your customers this way and feel good about yourself.

Service after purchase from J. Pauley Toyota ABSOLUTELY STINKS! This was my first time buying from J. Pauley Toyota and will be my last! J Pauley has given Toyota a bad name in my book. Awesome car, TERRIBLE DEALERSHIP. My advise to anyone is to drive the extra miles to Fayetteville, Little Rock or Tulsa, because in the long run, you'll be glad you did. DO NOT BUY FROM J. PAULEY TOYOTA!!!

Thanks Billy Hines, you have been great, let me know when you leave J. Pauley Toyota and go to a real dealership! I will do everything I can do to make sure everyone know about this terrible experience as a customer of J. Pauley Toyota.

Dazzle Burns
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Posted by UnIcOrN_LoVeR on 2005-08-19:
Something is missing here. Are you saying that the service manager was just suddenly rude out of no where? You mention prejudice but you never say what exactly the prejudice was about. There's too many missing details here. More details would help a lot.
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-08-19:
"The apology was fine, but I still wanted to make a complaint." What were you trying to achieve by further esculating a seemingly harmless situation. I am gonna agree with Unicorn here, there is something missing.
Posted by bluesbrother639 on 2008-11-09:
My first experience with the sales manager about 2 years ago was not good. He got sarcastic with me when I asked him a question about the product line. However, I was determined to buy a Toyota from the dealership but not by him so I used another salesman. The sales manager offered me a handshake when I came in the second time to buy but I declined to shake his hand and he got apologetic and asked me why I wouldn't shake his hand so I explained how he treated me the first time. I like Harold Baschek at this dealership. He sold me a Toyota RAV4 last year and he has been a great salesman. Service has been excellent too. There are always some bad eggs in every organization but this is a great dealership overall. If you don't like dealing with someone, ask for someone else. If you meet enough people who treat you badly then go somewhere else, but don't disqualify a business just because of one bad person.

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