Unilever Complaint - Slimfast Has Raised Prices 50% Or More On Their Products

Review by turnertomp22 on 2011-11-01
I have been buying 4 per week of the 6 can pack (ll oz each) Milk Chocolate Slimfast shake. This cost $5.28 at Walmart. NOW Slimfast has replaced this with a 4 pack bottle which is 10 oz each--so you get 40 oz for the same price as the old 66 oz!!!!! PRICE GOUGING AT ITS BEST--AND DURING THE WORST RECESSION I HAVE EVER SEEN!!

Everyone needs to complain--I have contacted WalMart, Unilever, Slimfast, by email and by mail.
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Posted by mrll on 2011-11-01:
the cost of everything is going up. If you look at other products, the sizes are dropping but the cost the same.
Posted by crabby on 2011-11-01:
You are now paying $16.90 per gallon for a product that is mostly milk, with chocolate and a few other ingredients added. That product was already too expensive, IMO, prior to the recent price increase that you described in your complaint. You need to turn lemons into lemonade. Check the Nutrition Facts on a can, and you will discover that you are much better off eating a diet of real foods, such as fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, dairy, and lean meats if you want to slim down. The last time I checked, SlimFast even contains SUGAR!
I tried that product 20 years ago, spent a lot of money on it, dropped a few pounds, then gained it all back within 6 months.

Many folks don't realize that the majority of our price inflation problems are due to a combination of the U.S. Government's deficit spending ($1.6T in 2010, $1.4T projected for 2011), the policies of the Federal Reserve (Quantitative Easing 1, 2, and ZIRP), the 2008 bank bailouts (TARP), and the commodities speculators in the stock market.
To make matters worse, the official government CPI figures are a fairy tale because they exclude food and energy. Instead of complaining to just Wal-Mart, Unilever and SlimFast, we need to complain also to CONgress about the government operated and sanctioned Ponzi schemes and other scams such as crony capitalism that are causing the widespread price inflation, and maybe even show up someplace holding a protest sign or two. Vote out incumbents and vote in new faces who will represent the people and not just the lobbyists, and will really correct the problems in the economy. To deal with the recent price inflation, do your own research! Reduce, recycle, reuse, shop for better values, increase your self sufficiency, and vote with your wallet.

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