Business Delivery Systems Complaint - Business Delivery Systems will take advantage of unemployed people

Review by spookyemer64 on 2011-11-29
PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA -- Business Delivery Systems (BDS) take advantage of unemployed people. They lied to my husband during the interview just so he would hurry up and sign the contract that he is an independent contractor for them. BDS asked him to turn in his mileage form, pity we didn't copy it since we did not know we were going to be ripped off by a woman owned company. BDS is claiming there were no such forms. BDS will not reimburse you for tolls either. What kind of a heartless company is this when they were told by my husband that I've had stage 3 cancer yet they still rip us off. How? They make you use your gas then claim that you will get some sort of reimbursement. No such thing. The office that my husband worked for was in Palo Alto. He had to drive from Hayward to pick up the items to be delivered to the hospitals. Then from Palo Alto to Hayward delivery, he would get $8.94. What?! Taxis get more than that & here is my husband delivering important radioactive materials for hospitals! On top of that, BDS would make him carry more than he's supposed to so the bushings got affected. Who gets to pay for that? Us. We also had to pay our own auto insurance to carry dangerous materials. They charge him equipment fee use! That is like as if the company that I worked for would charge me for using the photocopier or using the fax machine. Why would you charge a 'contractor' for work that is for the actual company? On top of that, they charge admin fees to process his pay. Nickel & diming us! In one of the pay period, my husband used $707.64 in gas for work which means he was only paid $530.05. That is $265.02 a week. All those hours my husband worked for, he gets $53 a day? Do you think this is the right? BDS is saying that this is the cost of having a business. Wait a second, then why isn't my husband getting the profits if this is his business? We basically paid BDS the privilege of using our credit cards for their gas, tolls & added auto insurance. Excuse me...if you didn't lie, do you really think we would want to be 'employed' by you???!!! I have emailed the CEO, Renee doesn't care. I mentioned how I'm in so much debt due to my cancer treatment. I urge all hospitals and anyone else using these guys nationwide to boycott them. These guys are just as evil as Madoff.
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Posted by Alain on 2011-12-01:
You really might want to contact The California Attorney General's Office about this. There have been increasing cases of employers attempting to make people sign up as "Independent Contractors" so the employer can avoid paying minimum wage, unemployment taxes, and also the expense of witholding tax for W-2 forms. The AG's office can advise you if this employer is doing that.
Posted by Phil Weisberger on 2013-02-15:
I owned several courier companies in the midwest. We told our prospects up front what the expenses would be. They were also written in the contract specifically what expenses the friver was responsible for and what the level of reimbursement would be. Some drivers were told in advance what the run paid them

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