CNN Complaint - CNN is Racist!

Review by mjholly on 2005-08-30
I think that CNN news anchor people are a bunch of racists! They did all that coverage about Natalee Holloway, the rich 18 year old blond girl from Alabama, who disppeared in Aruba. Yet, they never covered the disappearance of LaToya Figueroa, the pregnant black girl from Pennsylvania who disappeared and was found murdered. Her boyfriend was arrested for her murder and then the case was covered. If CNN had spent time covering the Latoya Figueroa case earlier instead of being obsessed with Natalee Holloway, LaToya might have been saved because people would have called in if they saw her and let the police know. But because the racist fools at CNN who hate African-Americans concetrated on Natalee instead of Latoya, an innocent young woman who was pregnant was murdered.
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Posted by N. on 2005-08-30:
But I thought CNN was the most liberal news station out there. How could liberals be racist? I thought they supported affirmative action.

Oh wait, I just realized it. This is another intellectually devoid complaint from mjholly.
Posted by Casey on 2005-08-31:
CNN must be racist for showing colored people looting in New Orleans. All I saw on CNN was white people saving colored people from the flood waters, and colored people looting the white owned businesses.
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-08-31:
Head-Casey, you are as stup!d and uninformed as your dad, mjholly.
Posted by Mad Eye Moody on 2005-08-31:
It's ironic that liberals are considered 'non-racist', when they're the ones that create programs for minorities that say "Hey...you're too stupid to get a job on your merits alone, so we'll make it the law that someone has to give you one."
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-08-31:
I hate to say this but is anyone surprised? In the old days you would have the National Guard there with instructions to "shoot to kill". What is the deterent (sp?) now?
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-08-31:
Excellent point, Mad!
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-08-31:
F.Y.I. Biz, I just checked out the 'Packer's schedule... Ouch! By their 'bye' week there will be a lot of 'malcontents' at Lambeau Field as well.
Posted by AZJEM on 2005-08-31:
Casey: For someone who is so concerned about racisim do you not know that the term "colored people" has been put on the shelf for some time now? Also, what did you want the news to do about the footage of the looting? Splice in some white people in the looting news? The area they were shooting was a black community, therefore it would have been difficult for white people to swim over to the flooded area to even out the looting race. Sounds pretty ridiculous doesn't it? So does your racist statement.
Posted by SF on 2005-08-31:
I agree with Casey. The only white people I saw on tv in New Orleans where the looting was going on was the police. The police should be allowed to "ShotToKill" when it comes to looters no matter what color the person is. But I guess that makes me a racist. SO WHAT.
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-08-31:
Okay wearelosers* and Head-casey, go with the video clips. Anyway you admitted racist, we all know that 'colored' people are the ones that loot, right? Read about the the Rodney King riot. The looting there was 'multi racial' as well as the businesses that suffered. Ever heard of "mob mentality" as in a good old fashioned lynching? Obviously the National Guard isn't there with those "shoot to kill orders". H@ll, isn't the jail flooded too?
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-08-31:
What color were they? (LOL)
Posted by SF on 2005-09-01:
Thats real mature zzrokk calling people names.
Posted by stratus99 on 2005-09-01:
I fail to see mjholly's point? Wasn't the story picked up by the local news? Isn't that coverage? Did the story come to light before or after the woman was killed? Did anyone associated with the young lady call CNN to inform them of her missing status? Hurling racial accusations is just wrong. If you're going to hurl accusations at least make sure that you yourself have done everything in your power to bring a subject to light and not wait on the news media to pick up on it on their own. It's the responsibility of all citizens to make the public aware of a situation, not the media's. They report on what they think is going to get them the highest ratings and something that happens in Pennsylvania isn't as news worthy as something happening in Aruba. Let's be logical about it.
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-09-01:
Whatever. Just going along with what YOU say 'WC'.
Posted by blondldy36 on 2005-09-01:
sounds to me like you have a bit much hate and cnn is not racist
Posted by spiderman2 on 2005-09-01:
"The rascist fools at CNN" (your words) did not murder Ms. Figeroua. Her ex-boyfriend/father of her baby did. She was dead before she was even reported missing so I don't see how CNN killer her. Fox News covered the story and if you lived anywhere near Philadelphia, the story was covered heavily.
Posted by Slimjim on 2005-09-01:
Not only do you post the most asinine, ridiculous, and stupidest complaints, but you sometimes even manage to make sure they are offensive and insensitive as well. Too bad YOU won’t disappear without a trace MJ.
Posted by Mad Eye Moody on 2005-09-02:
Ahh...Fox News the beacon of light in a dark sea of leftist spun media...Kudos Webslinger! Welcome to the site.

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