Miles Kimball Complaint - Shipping and handling changes to fit their needs

Review by AnokSuNaMun19 on 2011-12-08
OSHKOSH, WISCONSIN -- I have two items I was trying to check out..item numbers 318296 and 319486 subtotal for both is 19.98..processing fee whatever that is 1.99 (wrong for charging that but whatever)..so I get a coupon in the mail 20 percent off, I began to use this coupon and decided to look on Facebook for any deals you may have..low and behold I find a one day only deal for 25 percent..good day so far, right..wrong.

When I began to use the 20 percent coupon..i got a shipping and handling fee of 3.99and the total was 21.96..you would think this is good since I have a coupon for 25 percent off from Miles Kimball's Facebook..not...when I use the 25 percent off code it tells me the shipping and handling went up to 4.99 and now my total is 21.97 which is one cent higher than the total with the 20 percent coupon..what type of game are you guys playing. When I call Customer service and spoke to a Jeanette she explained that each coupon comes with its own shipping and handling..

To make this clearer there is a one cent difference between the 20 percent and 25 percent coupon. This is ridiculous, no matter what coupon I use, its gonna cost the same to ship and handle the items... so why are you playing with the numbers? My family has been using Miles and Kimball since before I was born and since my house is filled with things from Miles and Kimball (from calendars to personalized pencils) I'm ALWAYS sending new customers, but that was then, because I see with my own eyes how you are getting over...those extra pennies add up and I wonder just how much money you make off of your customers that way..and you wonder why the country is sick of Corporate America..I'm so done with MIles Kimball!
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Posted by Slimjim on 2011-12-08:
Legit complaint and a deceptive business practice. I wouldn't buy squat from a company that pulls fast ones either.
Posted by V on 2011-12-08:
I know the coupons the OP is talking about. You have to read them carefully. The fist one is for 20% off and preferred shipping(these are normally used for return customers). The second coupon is only for 25% off. So they come out to about the same price. Miles Kimball has lots of different coupons shipped to customers, in the papers, and on the web.

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