Folsom Lake Hyundai Complaint - Previous Hyundai Owner Rebate

Review by murphyeast34 on 2011-12-14
FOLSOM, CALIFORNIA -- On Oct 29, 2011 my husband and I went to Folsom Lake Hyundai to purchase a 2012 Hyundai Tucson. At the time there was a banner in the window advising a $500 rebate for previous Hyundai owners as well as ads in the paper. We had purchased a Hyundai in 2001 and since traded it in. I requested the rebate. I was told that I would have to prove prior ownership. When I asked them to check the Hyundai data base I was told there was not one. At that time I was told by our salesman, the sales manager and the finance manager that if at any time I could prove prior ownership they would "happily" refund the money. Last week I received a letter from Hyundai welcoming me back as a customer. When I called the number on the letter I was told that this information had been available to the dealership at the time of the most recent purchase. I took the letter to Folsom Lake Hyundai to show prove of previous ownership and was told that the rebate did not apply to the car I purchased and that I would have had to trade in my previous vehicle to get this rebate. All three of the people I worked with on this deal knew we were not using a trade in, that we were purchasing a Tucson and yet everyone of them insisted that if prove could be produced the rebate would apply. I now also have the VIN number of my previous car provided by the Hyundai home office in less then two minutes. I called Roseville Hyundai, which owns the Folsom dealership and was told that trading in a Hyundai was not necessary just prove of prior ownership. Folsom Hyundai denied that I was ever told that a rebate would apply and yet when I went back with the prove my original salesman and one other who was there at the time both said there would be no problem. When the sales manager arrived he started pulling out binders with ads for cars showing rebates on certain models, but not addressing previous owner rebates that I was asking for. I contacted the Channel 3 consumer help line and their representative called the sales manager I had spoken to and he offered me two free oil changes as a show of good faith. REALLY.......I have prove that I owned a Hyundai before and the rebate was not car purchase specific, and he offered oil changes after refusing to give his last name to the consumer representative. Shame on you Folsom Lake Hyundai for being the classic example of underhanded sales practice. You seemed very eager to have my repeat business right up until it was time for you to earn it. I will be contacting the Consumer Fraud division of the State of California and anyone else I can about your lack of follow through
with promises made. Lesson learned here folks, get everything written down or carry a tape recorder with you since they will out and out lie about what they told you. My salesman that closed the deal was standing right next to me when I provided the proof and it was obvious that he was very uncomfortable and I could hear the sale manager yelling at him as I left the dealership. LAST TIME I EVERY WILL BUY FROM FOLSOM LAKE HYUNDAI. BUYERS BEWARE!!!!
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Posted by T on 2011-12-14:
Rebates are always tricky. Was this a manufacturer's rebate, or sponsored by the dealer?

I'm a bit surprised that they would give a rebate to prior owners who no longer have a Hyundai, but if that is what the rebate terms stated you should have gotten it.

In the case of a rebate on a car, I would assume it wouldn't be one of these "Wait 4-8 weeks for your refund". I would expect it to be right on the Sales Contract. Sounds like you were taken for a ride. Shame on the dealer.

Yes, you ALWAYS get everything in writing on a major purchase.

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