Fireplace Warehouse Complaint - Avoid This Company!!!

Review by kirahankins97 on 2011-12-29
DENVER, COLORADO -- Faulty equipment, lack of service to remedy warranty and service issues since 4/2011. In February of 2010, we purchased an EnviroEmpress pellet stove for our home at 5578 S. Telluride St, Centennial, CO 80015 from Fireplace Warehouse at 3827 Steele St. in Denver. The end cost of the project was over $4300 for the stove and installation. At the time of purchase, we were advised of the warranty and told that we would have access to service as needed for any repairs or parts if the unit were to malfunction. Well, the stove managed to heat our home for one winter before ceasing to work. My husband contacted the company and received the runaround in April of 2011.After several attempts to get the unit fixed, little was accomplished. Several months passed with email correspondence and unreturned phone calls. Finally, this fall, we spoke to Laurie, the Warranty Specialist and were advised at that time that the company had gone bankrupt and the new company was not the same. The previous company was Fireplace Warehouse LLC, while this company is Fireplace warehouse ETC. However, although told that the old company and new were completely separate, they are still holding all of the accounts and easily accessed all of our information. She went ahead and completed a warranty request for one of the broken parts. When asked about service, we were told they would not support the pellet stove and told us to find a technician. Unable to do so, my husband was advised to fix it himself. When the stove was pulled out, the wiring was burned, causing a potential fire hazard. The wiring was replaced, but we fear for the safety of our family if the stove ever does become operational again and causes the new wires to burn as well. I have also attempted to contact Enviro directly, but the warranty info must come through the retailer. When the new part was installed, it blew again. So, another part was ordered. When that part finally arrived, there was a need for another part. We were blown off quite a bit and then told that the order had been forgotten and not submitted. Meanwhile, we are in the midst of winter and forced to run our very expensive electric heat, costing $400 per month and keeping the house at no warmer than 60 degrees. Our family of five has been forced to live in cold home conditions for nearly a year. Today, I went to Fireplace Warehouse to attempt to speak with someone regarding the problem and was told that there was nothing they could do and they had no liability to assist us further. The salesperson would not allow me to speak with anyone in charge. He scribbled the name of some man on a piece of paper and said to call him because he could work on pellet stoves. Then when I demanded information about the company, he scribbled another number on a pice of paper and said to call it if I was so adamant. I inquired as to who the number belonged to and he hesitantly told me it was for the only person I could contact. When I asked who exactly that is, he just said, "accounting. Good bye." It is a recording about the history of the buyout of Fireplace Warehouse LLC by a company called Express Working Capital who decided to go ahead and keep running the company under the same name, minus the LLC. It advised anyone who had issues to contact them through email at I have done this as well, receiving no response. The entire transaction has been difficult and expensive. We cannot even afford to heat our home and would have been better off to have kept the electric heat and used the $4300 to pay the electric bill instead. Now we have a large piece of junk sitting in our living room with no apparent recourse. They gave us our latest part today for the warranty, but the stove is still not functional even with the new part. This is both saddening and frustrating to be so blatantly dismissed and defrauded.”

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