Darcars Toyota of Frederick Complaint - Improper Diagnosis of Engine Problem and Then Scammed Us on a New "Used" Car

Review by sguilmai49 on 2012-01-01
FREDERICK, MARYLAND -- My husband and I had just moved to the area when our 6 yr old Corolla starting making a strange sound. We brought the car in to Darcars and were told we were just burning oil and that we just need to keep the oil levels up in the car and it should still run fine for another year or two. Two days later - the car blew up. My brother, a mechanic, said if the car had been burning oil we would have smelled it, something else was seriously wrong. So Darcars graciously gave us $500 as a trade in on the car (2002, corolla sport with 121K miles) towards a new "used" corolla. It took us from 9am until 3pm to purchase the car. They did not knock anything off the price, promised to give us the floor mats and promised to buff out the scratches along the side of the car. We never got the floor mats and we never got the scratches buffed out even after bringing the car back to them three times and reminding them about the scratches and floor mats.

Two months after buying the car we brought it to them for an oil change and low and behold we received an estimate for almost $800 worth of work (oil change, front end alignment, tire rotation, air filters, and hepa filters.) I am sorry but $800 for that - that is highway robbery. Besides the interior of the car was greasy from someones shoes.

We recently had to purchase another vehicle and I stopped in to Darcars hoping they would be different. The salesman treated me like I was a moron. I walked away. We ended up buying a used corolla from Darcars Nissan Jeep Dealership in Silver Spring, MD - much nicer experience.
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Posted by terir1043 on 2012-01-02:
I don't know where these sales man get off treating people like that.
Posted by T on 2012-01-02:
It's a shame that whatever sound the engine was making couldn't be identified as the precursor to a catastrophic failure. However, it may take an expensive teardown to accurately diagnose such a symptom. It's a tough call - a sound COULD indeed be related to wear that will NOT cause a failure.

Buying a used car from anyone including a dealer is a risky proposition, and unless the car is manufacturer certified preowned, it is a good idea to have a mechanic check a prospect over. I'm sorry things didn't work out for you.

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