Ronco Complaint - Pasta Maker- POOR ENGINEERING and NOT DURABLE

Review by questhm49 on 2012-01-03
Well, one would think I would have learned my lesson... but love sometimes makes us weak. My wofe purchased a RONCO pasta maker... and loved it WHILE IT WORKED and UNTIL IT BROKER after like 1/2 dozen uses. THe entire crankshaft broke off. For goodness sakes, we are talking semolina pasta dough here. I called the customer service number and was treated rudely and told that get this "we must have abused the product" therefore was not covered. I was outraged... and then wrote a letter that was entitled "Mr. Popeill, you should be ashamed at the way your people behave". I didn't get the courtesy of a response. My wife really liked the way it worked... so she talked me into getting another one. It worked for like 3 uses... before the same thing happened to it. Guess what... SAME NASTY CUSTOMER SERVICE experience. These people are despicable. We are good customers and very low maintenance. We don't expect miracles... and we understand things wear out. But, it is impossible to wear out a machine after a couple of uses. This thing is JUNK!
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Posted by madconsumer on 2012-01-03:
very helpful review!!
Posted by T on 2012-01-03:
When you say that in the first call you received a "rude" representative, and in the second one a "nasty" representative, what specifically happened to make you say that? What you posted doesn't reflect that behavior.

The *claim* of abuse by CSRs is a natural one under this circumstance - HOWEVER, it doesn't appear that you did abuse it. It will be interesting to see if others report the same issue.
Posted by Venice09 on 2012-01-04:
I can see where being blamed for a broken product could be perceived as rudeness. If the product is indeed junk, the CSR probably already knows that and shouldn't blame the customer.

I think this is a great review and should be taken seriously. I have always wondered about Ronco products. I now believe the quality is not as represented, and that customer service leaves a lot to be desired.
Posted by MDSasquatch on 2012-01-04:
I am pretty sure Ron Popeill sold the company for Billions a few years ago; probably around the same time the quality went to the dogs.
Posted by At Your Service on 2012-01-04:
I still want a Popeil Pocket Fisherman!
Posted by Venice09 on 2012-01-04:
MDSasquatch, I still see Ron in infomercials. Even if he's just a spokesman now, I would think he'd be concerned about the quality he's pitching. I learned a lot from this review.

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