Life Storage LLC Informative - Mice Destroy Almost All Belongings

Review by PHAASE98 on 2012-01-11
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- This company has no business ethics, etiquette, concepts of truthful facts, or regard for its customers.

This place is SATURATED by mice. They permeated my unit, resulting in $1000s in loss along with grief, inane amounts of time, insane exchanges with employees and having a LIVE litter IN THE BOX CONTAINING DISHES. What is left smells like a zoo.

I am stressed and exhausted and my 13 year old daughter is devastated. I could not have imagined this in my worst nightmare. It is my personal Katrina. And guess what? NO ONE CARES.

I have lost over half of my things due to rodent destruction and the current regional manager (there have been a few) claims she can do no more after buying me some containers and bags and paying for movers FROM one of their units TO another. I am going to have to sue to recover myself and my daughters losses now, a long and expensive process. And they have had the nerve to ask ME to leave, but I would anyway.

They have claimed at various times they are not responsible for rodent control in their own building and business. Um, not according to city ordinances and case law.

The problem first became evident in MARCH and they then told me the mice were isolated to a particular area of the building and were being addressed "aggressively" (THIS WAS BY THE THEN REGIONAL MANAGER? PART OWNER? VP? WHO KNOWS, have heard it all). Same thing in April, May, June, July, August and September. Numerous mice were IN THE UNIT before during and after the move, which took over a week to organize and several hours.

I spoke with their Orkin tech who said the treatment they had was in no way sufficient for the property's size or level of infestation. They went the cheap route, clearly. BTW, folks, Orkin does what it is paid to do, period.

The site manager so admired by a previous poster, is a psycho; rude, unresponsive, lazy, unprofessional and I strongly suspect illiterate. When questioned about the rodent problem for MONTHS, his response is "it gonna take a minute". This is a site manager?

The corporate number is answered, when it IS, by a woman named JO, who is just as bad or worse. The Owner seems to think speaking with customers, the schmucks who butter his pretty crusty bread, is beneath him. The only decent employee is a girl that works there. She is pleasant and was sympathetic about the matter. AVOID AVOID AVOID.
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Posted by At Your Service on 2012-01-11:
Ultimately, I think the only way you could win a claim against them is showing that (1) they were negligent in not doing enough once they knew they had a rodent problem. This is where the local Orkin people may help if they'll sign a notarized document stating that they were not taking the steps necessary to satisfactorily care for the problem. And (2) that you were not negligent in mitigating the damages once you knew of the issue.

I would think Orkin would be extremely hesitant in the first issue. That being the case, do you have any form of renters or homeowners insurance. It can be the saving grace in all of this.
Posted by PHAASE98 on 2012-01-14:
Well thanks. Are you an attorney? They were INDEED negligent in not addressing the issue effectively MONTHS prior to my move. Additionally their so called management knew for a number of weeks, if not months that a woman near me was storing food in her locker. They kept mentioning when I would continue to complain that they were going to "talk to her" and never did. As it happened, she is a refugee and was storing 3 bags of RICE of 100 lbs each. I assume in the rodent world that is like an alcoholic being locked in a distillery. Try and tell me THAT is not negligent on their part. I mean, this went on for weeks.

Frankly, Orkin is a HUMONGOUS company here. They are not going to risk their reputation by misleading the public and/or lying under oath, if it comes to that to protect a dishonest client. I would also prefer to assume, again if it would come to it, that the individual testifying would have more integrity than that.

Incidentally, in Illinois, there is a difference between negligence and GROSS negligence. In addition, there is a concept of unconscionable contracts, generally when the terms endanger the public or contradict public policy. So. Interesting concept, no?
Posted by raven2010 on 2012-01-14:
Does the contract say food cannot be stored?

Can you prov they knew about the rodents and did not act months before your move in?

Did Orkin give you a general opinion? Or did they go to the property with an expert (that the courts would accept as a expert) ,inspect it and write a report?

I could go on, but I am pretty sure I have made my point

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