Septa West Trenton Train Line Complaint - Treatment from conductor

Review by mamiescott17 on 2012-01-19
PENNSYLVANIA -- Treatment from train conductor, or the person to take your ticket, was as if I was living in the 60, and riding with dr, m. L. King, just because this train carries mostly whites, I have to say 98% white people does not give the conductor the right to try to put me off telling me that I am on the wrong train to tenton and that I need to get off at the next stop and go back and catch that one, as if black people so not have a right to go to West Trenton. He made me feel as if I was in some kind of time zone, cause I was black. But then I had to do all I could do to keep from ending up in a jail cell for showing him just what time it really was, with black people and that we do not like being treated as a creature of some kind, we stand up for ourselves and if it takes a slap in the face or punch then we have no problem giving it, but instead I am taking out my lap top and writing about this treatment from this conductor on the West Trenton train from Philly and the time now is 4:29 pm our next stop so that this conductor can be spoken to about his conduct toward black people if this site means and can make a differnce, I am on car #288 the conductor is short with black hair looks a little close to Peter Lorey, (the old actor). Each time he looks at me he rolls his eyes I have a transpass and with zoneing still he charges me ten dollars now just last week I was only charged 4 dollars with a transpass, but today I am charged ten he did this thinking that I would not pay and get off the train, but I did pay got my receipt and will be getting off in West Trenton, with his distaste for my color all in his eyes, he had be glad that I am alone for black men no longer take this type of treatment and surely his face about now would have been broken, as I sit here writing want so much to do. So this is my complaint with Septa conductor who has a problem with black people and treat them with his problem, the time is 4:35 and the stop we are now is Philmount. Still this conductor walks and rolls his eyes at me, after he already has my ten dollars, are you kidding me?
Comments:2 Replies - Latest reply on 2012-01-19
Posted by Johanna on 2012-01-19:
Could it be that perhaps the conductor was simply mistaken about your destination and it had nothing to do with your skin color?
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-01-19:
Violence will do nothing but get you into a lot of trouble. I can't say if your treatment was due to your skin color, or if the conductor is just a plain flat out jerk. Either way, I suggest calming down and then go to the following site and leave your comments there.

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