Carl Black Chevrolet Complaint - Gas Mileage

Review by frainwater on 2012-01-22
MARIETTA, GEORGIA -- Gas per mile on a trip is 26 to 27 mpg. Using econ control miles per gallon drops to 12. Service adivisor said this Equinox only gets 19 on the highway and 14 in town. The advertised millage is 32 on the highway and 22 in town. Also the windowder sticker was missing and have been promised since August when we bought the Equinox that we would have it in six weeks. I think the car needs to be replaced. I can bet we will never hear anything from you but I tell everyone how bad it is.
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Posted by T on 2012-01-22:
If you are getting 26 to 27 and the sticker range is 22 to 32, the car is getting pretty close to what you would expect, unless your driving is 95% highway.

I don't understand why eco mode is causing you mileage to take a 50% hit - it is supposed to increase it by 1mpg or so. From reviews I read, it was suggested most drivers wouldn't use eco mode because of the small benefit and hit to performance.
Posted by CowboyFan on 2012-01-23:
what you have to realize that the advertised mileage is merely EPA "estimates," which are obtained by running the vehicle on a machine - not actually on-road driving. These estimates vary from real world experience.
Posted by F. on 2012-01-23:
A couple things

1. The advertised 22 MPG city 32 MPG highway is for the base 2WD 4 cylinder model. If you have 2WD V6 model the estimates change to 17/24 MPG. If you have an AWD 4 cylinder model the mileage is 20/29. And if you have a AWD V6 model the mileage drops to 16/22. The OP didn't mention which model he/she had.

2. If the OP has the base 2WD I4 model, the 26-27 overall is exactly what the car should be getting. And if the OP has any other model, then he/she is beating the EPA estimates by a fair amount.

3. The Eco mode does seem to be malfunctioning. And it should be fixed under warranty. That's the only valid complaint I see here.

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