Days Inn Perryville Complaint - Totally Inadequate Accommodations

Review by smithekaye on 2012-01-23
PERRYVILLE, MISSOURI -- Friday evening, Jan 21st, we were heading north on I55 with the intention of staying in Cape Girardeau Mo. on our way to Saint Louis. Absolutely no rooms were available as there was a country western concert there. We (two senior citizens) continued north when we saw a billboard that stated a new Days Inn was available in perryville month.

Upon arrival we noted cables hanging from the ceiling in the lobby and plasic sheeting on one wall. They indicated they were renovating. We reluctantly took a room because there was an ice storm to the north and nothing available if we backtracked.

The room was unbelievable. Part of the carpeting had been torn up. The remaining carpeting had footpriints of a dusty substance either drywall dust or plaster. The edges of the beds and around the edges of the room also contained this substance. The closet to hang clothes had been removed and the mirrow was on the floor leaning against the wall. The drapes were dangling from the window. The bedspread was spotted, and the blanket torn. There was a horrendous noise coming from the ceiling which the manager indicated was coming from electrical equipment in the ceiling above our room. I asked for another room and was given one even though he said they were all alike. It was just like the first one without the noise.

I said he shouldn't be open for business in that condition. He said he would give our money back but he knew two elderly ladies had nowhere to go under the circumstances.

We stayed, left early, and swore never again would we trust Days Inn.
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Posted by ktisnumeroUNO on 2012-01-23:
It sounds like the room was pretty bad, no denial of that. But it also sounds like he had done what he could in his power to accommodate you.. Include giving you a new room, and offering your money bank. And you say they shouldn't be open and operating in this condition.. But if I were you I would be glad they were because you claim there were no vacancies to the south, and an ice storm to the north. So I'd have to say staying there would probably be better than sleeping in your car, wouldn't you?
Posted by Nohandle on 2012-01-23:
I wouldn't want to stay there either under those conditions but you two ladies couldn't very well have slept in your car with an ice storm further up.
I'd be sore as well but will defend the clerk because he did tell you they were renovating when you checked in and offered to refund your money once you had examined the two rooms. He could have refused to rent any room period and that wouldn't have helped your situation.
Posted by jonthethird on 2012-01-23:
The rooms were probably out of service, but opened due to the demand of the ice storm. It does sound like the rooms were undergoing renovation, and normally would not be rented.

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