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Review by cp76 on 2012-01-30
JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- My home, which my two boys grew up in, was going to be sold out from underneath me in a matter of 4 days, and I had no idea what else I could do. I lost all of my overtime hours and even received a pay reduction of about 20% so that everyone at the job could keep from getting laid off. We were told this would be a short term solution, but it looks like that just isn’t the case. Before my income situation changed, I had great credit. I was in the high 700’s for my credit score, but I relied on my income at that time to make ends meet. I was basically still living paycheck to paycheck. After we got the news at work, I knew it would be a matter of time before my little bit of savings would be tapped out. I also had to sell off all of the company stock I had managed to build up over the years and had to borrow the max against my 401k. It wasn’t easy, but since we all thought things would turn around sooner than later, I broke down and start using my credit cards to start covering things like gas for the truck and groceries. Then I got the news that the company was shutting down. Before I knew it, my cards were maxed out and I even used up my emergency home equity line to keep up with my living expenses. Luckily, we still had my wife’s income and my unemployment, but it was just enough to cover the living expenses and only part of the mortgage. Then my little boy, Jerry, broke several bones in mini motorbike accident that left him in the hospital for several weeks. It all became too much. The mortgage company started to foreclose on our home. We tried three different times to modify our loan, but we were declined, either because “we didn’t have significant enough hardship” or “we improperly filled out a page”. We went as far as hiring a company that said they could guarantee a modification for $3,000.00. We borrowed the money from my wife’s mother and paid them. We ended up getting a modification offer alright. Our lender agreed to put our back payments on the end of the loan and increase our interest by 2% and increase our mortgage payment! We tried to get our money back from the modification company, but they told us that since they got us “a modification”, they did their job and we weren’t entitled to a refund! We were at our wits end and I still don’t know why I decided to call DOLMF, but I’m glad I did. At last I was talking to someone that was finally listening to me, asking me about our situation in depth, and gave advice that actually made since. I would personally like to thank our Counselor, Carl Martin, for taking the time and effort in making sure we were matched with the best attorney network that matched our needs, Lanier Law LLC and made sure that we understood just how important leverage is in a situation like ours. Not only did they postpone our upcoming sale on our home that was only days away, but they helped us file a lawsuit against our lender for predatory lending, which gave us the needed leverage to work out a modification that we could finally afford! I’ll never forget the relief I felt after being able to verify for myself that the sale had been postponed. This gave us the extra confidence to continue working with Lanier Law LLC. Not to mention, they were the most affordable solution that actually worked that I have heard of until this day! Again, thank you so much Lanier Law LLC for allowing my family to stay in our home that we worked for so hard!

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