Professional Collision Centers Complaint - Horrible Service/Disrespectfull treatment/lousy job

Review by informing other consumers on 2005-09-30
WOODBRIDGE, VIRGINIA -- My car was hit on June 26 2005. The insurance sent me to this body shop, I noticed what a lousy place it is when they took over 2 months to fix the car, always had an excuse for everything and never answered my messager or the insurance rep's messages. They will call me every other day to inform me that the car will be ready on the 24 of August. On the 23rd we received a call, saying that they found "more damages", I was thinking more damages day the before the car is supposed to be ready? That was odd right there. After taking an extra week or so, they called us again saying that the car will be ready on Thursday, and again we received another call the same day saying that they tried to start the car, and it won't start; and they were going to take it to the dealership for a diagnosis. Mind you, what body shop has a car for over two months and don't even check if the car starts or not? They take the car to the dealearship and once they are done with it, someone hits MY car at the dealership!!!! Now they have to keep it longer to fix that. All this they never informed the insurance about it and the insurance probably paid for that repair(I'm not sure) and they obviously paid for my rental car for those additional days that they were not responsible for. The week after my car got hit again, they said that it was going to be ready on Tuesday, we said that we were going to be there at 4:00; we arrived at 4:00 and after fighting with Trista (she is always very rude and disrespectful, seems to be having a bad life or something) about a payment that they wanted me to make ($4,500.00), when all this time they knew that the insurance was paying for it; and on top of that the insurance already mailed them the check. They made me wait on purpose knowing that I had to leave to go to school, when I get the car I immediately noticed how dirty and stained it was inside, and my car was NOT like that; so I pointed it out to Heather, she said they will clean it. I walked around and noticed parts where not fitting correctly and other problems and she said that they will fix it and give me a rental car. I called two days after because a light came on and as a hybrid car I wasn't sure what it was. After fighting with the manager (Michael), he called the dealership and they checked the car, and all that it was that they didn't close the gas tank propertly and Michael has the nerve to say that it was me, when my car had a full tank of gas when I took it with me so obviously I didn't pump gas and left then tank open!!!!!!! Also I was trying to schedule an appointment so they can clean the car and fix the other issues, I told him that I can drop it off, they can clean it one day and work on the rest the other. He refused to take it and wanted to set up a day that it was convenient for them and not me. When all of those problems were created my them!!! I waited a week and called and left Heather two messages and she never called me back; I decided to leave Michael a message, he calls back and I asked him "if I give you enough noticed, will you accomodate my car" he said "as long as you bring it before 4:30" and I said fine I'll be there at 3:30. Since it was a lot to be done I left him another message for him to have the rental car ready for me. He sent Heather to call me and let me know that they won't rent a car for me, I told her that I refuse to sit there while they fix my car and mainly since that are sooooooooo slow. Heather asked me to talk to Michael and I did, he said that he is refusing to rent me a car and I have to sit and wait while they work on it, I stressed many times that I was NOT going to waste my time there while they attempt to fix my car. He even asked what was so important that I needed to do that I couldn't wait there and I needed a rental car, my reply was plain and simple "none of your business" I don't need to give him a schedule or ask for permission on what I can and can not do with my time. He was rude and even told that I had to be glad that he doesn't curse, so in other words, he would have cursed me out. Wow that's what we call customer service! He said that he wasted his time working with me and that what he did for me was not part of his job. Oh excuse me, you get paid $11,000 to fix my car, you give it to me looking worse than before and you are doing me a job by fixing what you messed up? Yes, that's what they say a lot, "we are doing you a favor", they were the ones that got my car all dirty and stinky, I found trash inside my car, everything that was in my glove compartment was all over the car, which they had NO business to go thru my stuff, I even my container to put gas in is missing.

At the end of that conversation, he said that he would not fix my car unless I sit there, I guess I needed to pack my bag and take a tent to sleep over!

I called the Geico rep and he said that he was going to do what ever he could to help me out. We scheduled a day so they Geico rep could take a look at the car, he saw it, took pictures and was surprised with how the car looks. He spoke with his supervisor about it, and she called Professional Collison and spoke to Michael.....Michael said that he didn't know that they car needed other repairs, who convenient....He was so focus on disrespecting me that he never heard that I kept saying I want you to clean my car and fix the other issues....

The 3 staff that I worked with are full of it, they lie, the are lousy, disrespectful, slow...you name it.

One of the funniest things was when I was taking my car that Tuesday and Heather suggested that I should give her a good score on the survey, she said that if she received a bad survey, she won't get a pay check. That I doubt, now if it was to be true, then they need to consider that before they return you car dirty and stain, with parts coming apart and then disrespect you all the way.

I will NOT recommend this body shop to anyone, and I can tell all insurances company that they are going to be wasting their money with them.
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Posted by therealdeal on 2007-06-26:
It's always bad when your car gets hit and it isn't your fault. I think it makes people hyper senitive to any place that makes the repair. 2 months is not out of the question for the repair of a complex vehicle. This body shop fixed two mishaps I had and I'm very satisfied with the customer service and the quality of the work.
Posted by Wtf on 2011-11-18:
You just cant please sOme people i went to professional collision in 2005, 2008, and 2011. For obvious reason Trista (mentioned as being ride because of her bad life) in prior comments, was outstanding as usual always helpful, going the extra step to make sure all request and needs were takin care of. Not many people go beyond their job limit to make sure customers have all the information about the issues at hand and the best way to handle them. I felt like i was her number one concern as i have seen her do with other customers in the lobby at professional collision. And professional collision handle my car like it was their own. Thanks Professional

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