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Review by KC88 on 2005-10-04
PORTLAND, OREGON -- In response to carpet install complaint.
The Installers viewpoint....
My company "used" to work for all these "big" stores.

We don't anymore as they want to charge the client high install rates yet give us pay that's less $ than 15 year old rates!

We also constantly have to wait for them to pull the product that they KNEW ahead of time (2-5 days) was being installed that day! We even confirmed job the day before & the morning we are to pick up. Even if the customer uses us to install but purchases the materials there - we STILL have to wait. The last time (7-2005)was H. Depot & the wait was 1 1/2 hours! They also very often oversell the rack rolls of carpet so even if you bought it & then we pick it up the next day - it's gone & your job can't get done til more comes in!!

If you call the complaint 800 # they don't send your complaint to the headquarters - they send it to the general manager of THAT store you complain about. It's up to him to tell the worker about the complaint or not! Many times, of course, nothing will happen. As a contractor, I once called the 800 # - The manager of the store called me & said "Don't bother calling them because nothing will happen. And I just get him mad, he gets mad at the worker & they all get mad at me for complaining!" I called to give suggestions on how to run their place smoother with less customer complaints. They apparently don't want to listen.

Also - the main installer company they use has a CCB license but the "installers" THEY hire do NOT! Most are hired off the street & aren't even experienced. Can they speak English??
TRUST ME! Those "big" stores have called us many times to FIX the other installers jobs to "make the customer happy!"

My suggestion - STOP stop using their store for installations !!! If you buy the product - give yourself 4-8 weeks wait time.

Use a licensed, bonded contractor. You really get what you pay for in this business.
Get references, ask friends who they use, check citysearch online, anything but them. Put the installations "services" out of business. They are the reason you get bad installs. Most guys can't live on the rate we get paid, so they go fast & do bad work just to get enough jobs to pay the bills!

Pay a self employed contractor his true worth & you'll get a great job!

I use a contractor store & it gets here usually in less than 7 days! Some carpet 2 days, vinyl in 2 days. We have been owner operated since 1988 in the Portland, Oregon area. We clean carpets & furniture, install, repair, stretch, sell flooring. Install vinyl.

Thanks for reading!! We just want our clients to be educated about their options. Have a great day!

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Posted by miketech on 2005-12-09:
Gotta agree. If you want a quality product and installation go to a local reputable floor covering retailer. In my opinion that's to large a purchase to trust to most big box stores.
Posted by BeaForoni on 2011-02-19:
I would love to skip the Home Depots and Lowes, but where do I find people to do small jobs? I need to vent my clothes dryer, so who do I call?

Recently I wanted to install Formica on my counter tops. Home Depot upsold me to granite tops. I spent time with the salesman, and took a day off of work to have the counters measured. The contractor says it can't be done without tearing out nearly the whole kitchen (THAT I couldn't afford). So now I am stuck with my old faded, stained and pealing Formica kitchen.

I wonder if any handy men are out of work, 'cause I don't know where they are.

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