Xbox Microsoft - Xbox Steals money from parents and take Christmas away from my son

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Review by fashia2000 on 2012-02-15
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IDK -- I have spent on the phone with Xbox 7 or plus hour trying resolve a issue so my son can play his Christmas present. Issue come about to lock the account because I complained my bank account was negative -279 dollars because a five year old purchased games that said "UNLOCK" not buy. I called Xbox and they said it would take 3-5 days to resolve this issue and they would also have someone call me back in two days. A few weeks later I had to call back nothing had been fixed nor had I had a call back.

I had a chat open and a agent on the phone. One said I had to go throgh a process again, and the other said by chat she could unlock it. Chat lady was awsome at what she was doing and tried her hardest to resolve the issue so my son could play his Christmas present. Valentines day is here. It is my birthday today. I bought my son a prepaid card. He wanted a game. Guess what happen again? He cann't play his game. Same error message.

I called and chated to the Xbox reps again. I ask for the supervisor several times and got Jeff after one agent could not figure out what to do, and the other refused to unlock it or send me somewhere to fix this over a month long issue. Jeff was rude and didn't help a bit. Refused several times to connect me in any way to his boss or anyone else. He will write notes of lies I am sure. I ask for my note he was writing he refused to do that as well. I am here on my birthday over a hour on the phone with no help for the Xbox live service I pay for monthly.

I never received my credits for the trouble I had from before which on chat. I am completely disgusted with Xbox and my son is so upset. He loves Xbox only because his friends play these games. I sure wish my child liked Play station 3. Play station 3 is good business, but the kids want halo. Please PS come up with games cheap and take our kids back to a better business place where they care how you feel, don't steal your money, and refuse to talk or solve a problem for over a month.

I am sick of Microsoft period. Mark my words mIcrosoft. save your money, because as soon as another company has something better to offer all those unhappy customers who stay because they have no choice are gone!!!!! You have to be thankful to the ppl paying ;you the money to have you where you are Monopoly will not last for ever you crooked skanks of a business... I am not happy at all I attend to expose complaints everywhere and find new ones to go with it. I am p*****
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Posted by Sue on 2012-02-15:
I can understand how frustrating this must be for you. If you are successful at getting the money issue solved with your overdrawn funds, I would not let Microsoft back in your bank account. With prepaid cards available everywhere you can get from 3 to 12 months service for X Box live and for purchased online games there are Microsoft points card that can be purchased to use for that. That is what I do for my son and it has worked fine. I do not allow my bank account to be used at all. Have you tried starting a new account for him using the prepaid cards. At least that way he can play while you try to get the first issue worked out and resolved, hopefully satisfactorily.

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