Review by sexyberrysweet on 2012-02-23
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EVERYWHERE, FLORIDA -- Fresh out of high school, invested all of my summer saving into this company. Living in gatheouse which is located in south Florida was not so bad at first. For one it’s over priced, on average the price of gate house for a 2x2 is a little over 1000. But CHS has you in an apartment paying 600 a month with 3 other roommates, that over 2000. And with all used furniture ... (Appliances. were new) RIP OFF!! yeah 600 includes everything but, what they don’t tell you if you go over your water bill, lights etc. you get charged for it. & that goes for everything!! Be careful when you’re moving out! that’s not it, you get monthly inspections, depending on who in the CHS representative is at the time: they don’t let you know when or what time they are coming, there for if you're not home they will just come in...: but like I said it all depends on the person who is the representative at the time. Money does matter, to these people, don’t get it twisted. Some people's finical aid covers there rent, but those who still have to pay out of pocket it can be a hassle. But I must say they will work with you when you’re late, because there all about that MONEY! For example: I didn’t want to attend the school anymore so I was going to leave after the semester, ex. January But my lease was not up till March There for I would have to stay until March Or either pay the 1000 plus dollars it cost to break my lease & it wasn’t worth it, by the time you pay the 1000 for breaking the lease it would be the same about in rent. & CHS has no problem telling you that they have nothing to do with the school. There Two Different companies who just work together, and everything would be find if I could just stay in CHS and just work & pay my rent and move out in March, but you can't do that. You have to be a student to be in CHS. My biggest advice I can give you is not to sign a 12 month lease if you have to be in CHS, depending on your life style. Coming from somewhere out of state, I may be ok to sign a 6 month and then, find others to live with, 9 time out of 10 it will be cheaper. Or visit the area around you & find some where close that’s still manageable .
Comments:3 Replies - Latest reply on 2012-02-23
Posted by Dukemom on 2012-02-23:
Who or what is CHS?
Posted by Churro on 2012-02-23:
I'm gonna guess CHS = "Collegiate Housing Services"
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-02-23:
Welcome to the real world

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