The United States Informative - why is weed illegal - why is weed illegal?

Review by jeffpressly on 2005-10-13
Im just looking for an answer as to why weed is illegal? Does it hurt anyone? It seems like all it does is provide an outlet to people who need help with pain to relieve it. Isn't that what we all strive for, a lack of pain? It seems now a day we all are seeing people that are battling with perscription pain killers that are very addictive. These numb them and relive pain and we as a society spend millions on them. How is it that these drugs that also contain mdma, and antioxident that is also in extasy, which eats at the brain are legal here in the States? Just because a corperation spend years and billions of dollars to create it doesn't justify it as a legal substance. However marijuana is just grown, all natural, no worse even better than tabacco, yet we can legally buy tabacco at age 18. I just want to know why? I also want to know why there isn't more people asking the same question. When i see my fellow friends and family hooked on pain killers because of an accident or pain problem I can't help but want to look for an alternative. However, its there in front of our eyes and we've let a stereotype sheild us from it. I just want to know why?
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Posted by Slimjim on 2005-10-16:
Talk about slacking, where is the good Dr. Jeecheroo? Upon his appearance, you will be shown one good reason why it stays illegal.
Posted by bill on 2005-10-17:
I think the reason it's illegal is ... wow you should see the colors on my screen. It is freakin cool.... Oh, sorry. As I was saying, the reason it is illegal is .... man, I am really getting hungry. I wonder what's in the fridge... Sorry I drifted off agian. To answer your question....um, what was the questions again?
Posted by toybox2win on 2005-11-07:
I think the reason why is like you were saying it
grows naturally and wild in many places and could
not be taxed properly like liquor is for the goverment to even consider legalization and think
of all the revenue drug companies would loose and
inturn their deep pockets would tighten up those
large donations to the offices that support them.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-04-02:
Its illegal because we live in a GREEDY ASS country

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