Hall Chrysler Jeep In Fenton Mi. - Not Repairing Damage Service Dept. Did

Servicing and Detailing 2009 Avenger for Delivery - Complaint
Review by haroldcrawford06 on 2012-03-24
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FENTON, MICHIGAN -- On Jan. 21st 2012, my wife and I purchased this 2009 Avenger. We both on separate times over a three day period looked over and drove this car. The body was un-marked and the inside was clean. There were seval photo's on the dealership web site as well as some we took. There was no damage anywhere.

On Thur. the 19th we told our sale representative that we will buy the car and pick it up on Sat. the 21st due to my work schedual. All was suppose to be arranged. We arrived about 11am to sign all papers. We were told they did not know we were coming in, even though I spoke with them Fri. to verify the time we would be there. We were told that they had not seviced it until that mornning and they had to rush it through.

After signing we went out to get the car and quickly and very iveous were deep scratches and dents on the right rear quarter, as well as scratches on both doors. The intereior was very dirty and now had very dark rubs all across the white headliner. We imediatly went in and had our sales representative come out. She agreed that she never noticed this damage, and that she was the one that took the photo's for the web site as well. She got the sales manager and came out looked at it and said that it was like that. When I said there was no way we could have missed such obvious damage, he said he would touch it up but would not fix the dents because they would have to re-paint the quater panal, and he was not going to do that.

I asked him to look at their photo's and he said he would not do that because he is sure it came in that way, even though the sales person said she never noticed it. After upseting my wife they agreed to touch up all scratches and reclean the interior. We dropped it off the following Wed. When we picked it up they did touch up and cleaned pretty good but there was a new scratch on the hood, down to the metal. I brought the manager out again, and again he said that was like that. I asked him why would you fix all scratches and not this one. He said we could bring it back again, I said and have it damaged again, He gave me a pen to do myself. I asked him, why would anyone pay 14,000 dollars for a scratched and dented auto.

He no longer wanted to speak with us. I did not know what to do after that. I felt we were just taken advantage of. It was not until they messed up the purchase of our warranty as well that I thought something needs to be done about this. After two months the warranty I was told was adjusted to the actual purchase date, but nothing about the damage will be addressed. How am I suppose to trust them? I only wanted what we paid for, nothing more, but instead we were taken advantage of.
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Posted by T on 2012-03-24:
This is a really odd situation. I don't see how all this damage occurred while sitting on their property for a few days, unless it was vandalism that included the inside. My gut feeling would be that it was already there, but if you are sure it wasn't, it is unusual.

It's hard to know what to do in this situation. The only thing I can offer is don't turn over the cash until you take that final look to approve the purchase.
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-03-24:
You sure it was the same car that you that looked at before? This could be a case of bait and switch: they lure you in with a nice looking car, but then switch it and give you a damaged car. I'm just speculating here.....
Posted by BigAl on 2012-03-24:
This is a classic example of a customer taking too many things for granted. The car was fine when you looked at it yesterday but you did not buy it yesterday. Always (especially a used purchase) check the vehicle before you buy. Walk around it, look in the trunk, open the hood, and drive it even if you drove it yesterday. Then if you are satisfied sign the papers. Let me give you the flip story on this. You have your tradein appraised on Wednesday and you come in Saturday to make the deal. The dealership always, and I mean always rechecks your tradein before papers are signed. You may not see this done but trust me they do. They make sure the tires or rims have not been changed,any changes in audio equipment, any new dings etc. Customers need to do the same thing.
Posted by Nohandle on 2012-03-24:
I'm venturing a guess, just as everyone, but it sounds as if the car you intended to purchase had been driven at some point from the time you decided you wanted it and when you actually went in to sign the paperwork. No car gets that nasty or banged up just sitting on the lot.
Posted by T on 2012-03-24:
Yes, Nohandle, it is almost like it was lent out on rental or something. And that's pretty strange.

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