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Review by HadEnough17 on 2012-03-30
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PACOLET, SOUTH CAROLINA -- On Sunday March 11 2012, because I sustained a head injury and my horse had gotten out (once, never before) I needed assistance and 911 notified Animal Control. I was hysterical with worry over the horse and my injury, and had no one to help me (an older person on disability). Under extreme duress and stress I had to remand the horse to Animal Control, as I was physically unable to make repairs to my fence, plus AC had walked the perimeter, did not even see where the horse had gotten out. Mind you, AC never saw the horse out at all, I had her under control on my property when they arrived.

Long story short, AC sent her to Carolina Poodle Rescue, Pacolet SC, which I found out about the next morning, and I had by then found someone to home her while my eye healed/or to rehome permanently with my blessing. After many attempts to contact to try to work something out with the Rescue, I only got a vague dismissive email Tuesday evening, saying consider her adopted, and if I wanted to get any more info on the horse to go through AC ! This was not what I repeatedly and politely asked for, to at least see my horse and have an adult dialog with the Rescue.

I have still not heard anything back from the Rescue; I am very dismayed that I will not have one more chance to see my horse which, if I had had options that Sunday, would NEVER have gone to a Rescue, esp one so secretive and dismissive. I think they are being exceedingly cruel to me, having never even spoken nor met me. This was not a horse abuse or neglect situation, it was a tragic situation where I had NO choice but to sign her over, that evening, due to the nature of my injury. (my opthamologist has written a note stating how serious this was and also hoped someone would be kind enough to see my horse, make sure she is ok! This on my followup appt March 28, 2012. I have not sent the Rescue a copy as they have ignored me totally to this point, as if I was a criminal, why bother)

I hope these people learn one day soon that not all "rescues" are the result of horrific animal circumstances, and to allow exceptions always in the case of a situation such as mine. Shame on them. I cannot rest not knowing FOR MYSELF that my beautiful little horse is taken care or ....?

A friend actually was granted audience with this Rescue and got to see my horse, so why not me? Their categorizing and judging me without even knowing me, is reprehensible.

So all of you out there: beware this Rescue, you will never see your beloved animal again.

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