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Damaged Motorcycle - Complaint
Review by das_flip_mo on 2012-04-02
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POPLAR BLUFF, MISSOURI -- To whom it may concern:

At 10:15am on Saturday 3/24/2012 I received a call from Lee at the Bluff Honda Polaris motorcycle dealership (Poplar Bluff Missouri 63901) notifying me that my 97' Honda CBR600's rear tire had been successfully replace and was ready for pick up at my convenience. At 11:02am the same day I arrived at the Honda Shop, I went in the main entrance and made my way across the showroom to the window of the repair area. Lee was printing out my repair invoice for the mounting and balancing of my rear tire which came out to $66.00. While he printed out my invoice he went on about how bad my rear brakes were and also printed an estimate for the price of how much repairs would cost which was $385.00.

He wanted to give me an idea of how bad my rear brakes were so he asked me to follow him outside to the motorcycle inspection area where my bike was parked. As we rounded the outside conor of the inspection area, I saw that my motorcycle was on it side in the gravel parking lot. I couldn't believe my eyes as He hurried to the side my bike and ordered me to help him pick it up. Right away I noticed the broken mirror, damage to my exhaust pipe and frame slider. But as I walked around my bike I saw the damage to the front and side quarter panels as well.

I very calmly voiced my concern for the damages and he told me that he "would like to work with me on getting it repaired but
that it wasn't his decision to make." We both took pictures as I continued to calmly voice my concern about the damages then I asked him "if his supervisor was working today" he replied "No, and I won't see him again until Tuesday." I asked him if he could get ahold of him considering the circumstances and he again reassured me that "he would try to work with me but at the end of the day its not up to him, and that his boss would let him know what he was going to do IF ANYTHING!" I told him that "his reasoning was unacceptable" and he replied "that I could take it or leave it, I'm trying to work with you here..."

I decided to go to the Butler County Sheriff's office here in town and talked to a Deputy about what happen to see if I had to file a report. The Deputy called the owner of the Honda Shop, making him aware of the issue as he called Lee at the shop to find out what happen. About an hour after that the Deputy came and told me "that since the bike just "FELL" over with not wittiness and that it was Lee's word against mine Legally there was nothing I could do about it." About a week later on Friday 3/30/2012 at 12:13pm I called the Honda shop and asked Lee "if he had spoke with his supervisor on the issue form a week ago" he replied "Yea I talked to Matt this morning and he said we were going to fix your bike for you until you went to the police about it!" I asked him "what that had to do with anything" and he told me "your on your own with this, but that's what insurance is for" and he hung up. Of course I have Insurance on my motorcycle but the deductible would cost more then the repairs and I don't think I should have to pay for the shop allowing my bike to be damaged like that and not be held accountable!

Proud Honda Motorcycle Owner
-Ryan O. Prater
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Posted by BigAl on 2012-04-02:
Just because you do not have a criminal complaint does not mean that you do not have a civil complaint. You did do the right thing by going to the police. The dealership also has insurance and it is their insurance that should pay. Do not let them get away with this. They are liable for any damages that occured to your MC while it was in their care. I wish you would have included pictures of the damage. There is a possibility that the MC was wrecked when testing after the tire was installed. On a side note they are ripping you off on the pricing for rear brakes.
Posted by Bob on 2012-04-03:
Try small claims court.
Posted by T on 2012-04-03:
Have you asked your insurance company for advice on how to pursue this? They may have come across a situation like this WHERE SOME COMPANY REFUSES TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR NEGLIGENCE.

Unbelieveable. How much is the damage, by the way? In other words, how much would it have been for the shop to do the right thing? A reputable owner wouldn't care that you called the police. What does that matter?

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