Sandy's Towing - The Driver Passed Me Up as I Was Flagging Him Down and Then He Was Driving Nuts Once I Did Get a Ride

Review by funjeep on 2012-04-03
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DAYTON, OHIO -- I called for roadside to come help me tow my Jeep to my home. First they sent out Sandy's Towing. I guess their driver was blind. He was to busy on his cell phone. It looked like he was having a bad day. I flagged him down every time he would pass me. Then I got tired of calling AAA and getting a long wait time to speak to another person. Finally AAA had to tell the driver to slllloooowww down and that he kept passing me. Then once the driver got there he was complaining about his company and how he needs to find another job. I told him I don't blame him and I just wanted to calm him down so that he would get my vehicle on his truck and to get me home.

Well I should have just told AAA to send me another driver it would have been worth the wait. Cause this guy was driving nuts once he did get my Jeep loaded. He was driving like he was in a race for time. I tried to ask him to slow down but I figured there was no use repeating myself. I just shut my eyes and prayed. Apparently the dispatcher kept calling him or something cause each time he was getting red in the face and drove even faster. Once he got to my home he unloaded the Jeep in a big hurry. That makes the second time I have had to use AAA which I hate cause of the long time of answering my calls and the second time they sent Sandy's Towing to come out to help me.

If that is the only towing company AAA has in my area then I am seriously thinking about dropping AAA all together. The time before the guy tried to pull my wife's car up on the truck without putting it into neutral. I had to yell at him that he was destroying my car. He said OH YEAH sorry about that. I should have sued them then. It was a good thing I was with her or her transmission would be toast right now.

So if you are a soon to be customer of AAA you are going to get put on this long wait for them to answer then they bring out towing companies that should not be in the towing business that have drivers that are not pros. by no means. I live in Dayton and the more I talk about this company to people the more I am finding out I don't want them to tow either of my vehicles ever again. Next time I call AAA I think I will tell them not to send Sandy's Towing out to my vehicles.

I have heard so many bad things about this company it's a wonder they are in business. Then I just read where Dayton Police Department granted them the rights to tow for them. Lord I hope I don't meet up with that company again. I would love to go to their office and give them a piece of my mind for being so un-profesional about how their employees acted while driving their trucks. Oh not to mention I kept calling Sandy's towing that night and telling them that their driver keeps passing me by. They kept trying to tell me that they were doing the best they can to locate me. Haha.. I was right in front of the driver 5 times and plus jumping up and down waving at him to stop.

Well the more I think about all this the more I want to just drop AAA all together. Is there any other roadside companies that I can go to other than AAA? On that don't put you on hold forever n ever?
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Posted by funjeep on 2012-04-03:
I guess I got what I paid for. cheap AAA cheap service. If anyone can please tell me about another company I can go with please please let me know
Posted by MRM on 2012-04-03:
It is unfortunate that you had to go through the ordeal. By the way, awesome nic! Please see my blog for my 1988 Jeep Cherokee!
Posted by madconsumer on 2012-04-03:
very helpful review!

glad things worked out.

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