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rude, obnoxious, pushy like i was buying a car - Complaint
Review by l.pelosi on 2012-04-05
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MALDEN, MASSACHUSETTS -- Basically my family (3) went to the above for eye check and glasses the office manager debbie was rude at the onset telling and speaking to us as if we were 3- my daughter was done first and by the time I came out the manager Debbie was having my daughter up to 250 in payment, I have davis vision whom I complained to but apparently fell on deaf ears,

My daughter is 23 and has never needed glasses - after he exam she was told for night time only very mild rx. well when I came out she had her buying progressives, (hello sun is not out at night) other items that my plan covers, I was quite angry and would never go there again,

I asked for a number to complain to but did not get one furnished.
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Posted by BigAl on 2012-04-05:
Progressive glasses have nothing to do with day and night.
Posted by onlooker on 2012-04-05:
This is a sales operation, if your daughter needed glasses to see clearly at fenway, I might say go for it. But it seems to be she got strong sales talk, instead of a what is good for your eyes discussion.
Debbie might have just gotten disciplined for not selling - and then you all walked in. I think she saw insurance money and pushed.
Hopefully you got your glasses, and not the other bells and whistles. (progressives are graduated glasses like bifocals but no line, good for computer and driving that idea)
Posted by JISCal2 on 2012-04-05:
Transition glasses are those that go darker when in sunlight. Progressive are bi-focal (or more) lenses and you cannot see where one lens strength stops and the other starts.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2012-04-06:
I still have the lines, they help me line up my golf shot.
Posted by CowboyFan on 2012-04-06:
Buy in a hurry, regret at your leisure. Perhaps the OP can use this as a "cheap" lesson to teach her 23 year old daughter the dangers of making buying decisions without weighing all the options, or finding cheaper alternatives.
Posted by T on 2012-04-06:
"I still have the lines, they help me line up my golf shot." Good one!

Progressive lenses aren't related to the amount of ambient light, as others have pointed out. If you need help both near and far, you get bifocals (old days) or progressives. I went with bifocals to be consistent with the fact I refuse to use a cell phone, and I use them only when switching from computer to tv and back.

I'm not sure exactly what the crux of your complaint is. If you go into a store like this and say you need help with your eyesight, they will try to sell you something that meets your needs, and possibly try to throw in an extra like anti-glare coating (which is actually useful in daylight).

How was she rude, and in what way were you treated like a 3 yr old? Good luck with your eyes - you only get two.
Posted by Churro on 2012-04-06:
I too would not appreciate a rude, obnoxious and pushy optician. I'd tell Deb go blow it out your pie hole and move on to another eye joint.

Good review!
Posted by jktshff1 on 2012-04-06:
I have tri-focals as well as a spot in the upper right hand corner of the left lense that is set to my pistol sights at arms length. Got a great optometrist.

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