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How a Prescription was given to me. How Pharmacist inquired information from me. - Complaint
Review by tfriia on 2012-05-03
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NEW JERSEY -- Wallmart Pharmacy is where I obtain all my medications. One script I was getting from them I always received in a bottle that was properly labeled.
The last time I received the same script it was given to me in a very hard to open plastic cntainer. When and if I did get the container opened I then had to punch out a three month supply of pills out of three cards that contained thirty (30) pills in each card. I found this very difficult to do. When ordering the script again I spoke to the Pharmacist on duty and explained the problem. I asked if they could assist me by giving me the pills in a bottle as I received before this problem occurred. She then told me she could not do this but would give me a bottle to put them in. I was upset with the answere she gave me. I asked if anything else could be done. She then said she could order me the same script that would be in a bottle from another company but it would cost me more money. On line one of Wallmarts job qualifications for a Pharmacist is .... Customer/Patient centered: Actively strives to provide excellent customer service. Seeks to meet customer needs and demands. Remains calm and professional. Reviews inquiries from internal/external customers and takes action to remedy the situation. I do not feel I was extended these courtesies. I also asked her if not giving Wallmart my business meant anything. She answered .... that was up to me. I am a 69 years of age. I live on socal security. Is this the way a retired customer should be treated.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2012-05-03:
She offered you a solution and you refused it. If the pills come on a card, there may be rules and regulations that prohibit the pharmacy from tampering with the cards. You don't have to pop all of the pills out at once, just pop off a pill each time you take it.
Posted by Suzy on 2012-05-03:
My husband has two prescriptions that come this way now when they used to come in a bottle. I assumer Wal-Mart changed manufacturers as the reason for this. I am the one that organizes his meds in a plastic container for the weeks dosages, so I too had the same difficulty with opening the containers for these two prescriptions not to mention sore fingers from pushing out pills from six containers to put in a bottle and it took too much time. One of the meds was a more fragile pill and often broke when I was pushing it out unless it was done slowly and carefully. Finally in annoyance and to save time and my fingers I just started to push out only enough pills to do the daily dosage for the weekly container I put them in. Still don't like the way they come from the pharmacy but this is better than trying to do them all at once when I get them. I also have on occasion once I get the container open the first time I just cut the inside part containing the meds away from the hard plastic outer container, then I only have to deal with opening it the first time.
Posted by F. on 2012-05-03:
Once again, it's important to remember that just because you are told "no" by an employee, it does not mean that the employee is giving you bad customer service. It sounds like the pharmacy may have changed suppliers in an effort to reduce their prices or prevent a price hike.

As smanthasmom pointed out there very well could be rules and regulations regarding removing the pills from the factory packaging. It's likely not the pharmacists fault that she could not accommodate you in the way you wanted. She offered to do what she could. That wasn't good enough for you apparently. Based on what you have mentioned here I don't see how she could have handled it any better given the constraints she was likely under.

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